Coal Mine

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*edit...okay i removed the graphical scene that made this show a little...questionable. I didn't really notice until several months later just the impact it had. so i hope you enjoy the new post...exactly the same, but with no blood. YAY



people pay to see a movie of this animated

Tale of the Working Man

Who honestly would've come up with anything remotely close to this if they needed to do a video to "Working in a Coal Mine" by Devo? Just the fact that anyone can come up with something this original and creative is an achievement in and of itself. That being said, the static landscaping was an especially nice touch. It allowed me to really look at all the fine-tuning that went into making this. I was thoroughly impressed with this animated short. If this was released widely, I have no doubt it would compete with Pixar or Disney easily.

Love it!!!

Can get any more original than that.


Ay, this is a crazy cinematical flick of creativoty. The round eyes further enhance the crazy feeling, great character designs, very round and smooth forms, smooth animation and a nice concept as well. Sound could probably have been compressed a bit better, but overall it's a great concept, keep it going!


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Nice but repetitive

It's pretty good, but has very little content. Basically just a few short pieces of animation, looping with different camera movements and screen effects.
I love the robot-miner animation, it's really cool, and shows you have a great animation skill.
Nice, but I wouldn't watch it again.

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2.49 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
8:51 PM EDT
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