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(sorry about the glitch, I just fixed it)
This is my first game, which started out as just fooling around. I know it's not much, and very very simple, but I do hope you enjoy it. Each level lasts 15 seconds, and all you have to do is beat the mission in each level with your mouse. hope you enjoy.


Could be #1 with work

The first thing it needs work on is its graphics. It needs to be more than just boxes. and it needs a background like a .png background made in PS or somthing. The second thing is the sound. It needs sound effects when you die and stuff. But thats all I can think of for a review.


But It Gets Too Hard Too Quick, But It's Still Good For NewGrounds

not terrible

loved the music, the game was alright. it's repetetive, but it's something you could work into a pretty fun game. maybe instead of just avoiding the box withing a time limit, have a goal you need to reach with the blue box. idk, something to spice it up a bit.

its ok

doing the same thing over and over gets kinda boring. even though you add something to it every round it still gets a little boring. and the part where you have two red boxs chasing you, they combine into one which to pose as much of a threat. it makes it like the round before

Good job on your first flash.

It was actually pretty good. Very simple but difficult once the later levels. The first level needs to be a little shorter though.

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2.40 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2007
10:52 PM EST
Skill - Avoid