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Furry Destroyer

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Furry Destroyer : Kill those bastards!

Pictures taken from GodHatesFurries.com A great game done in AS 2.0 OOP style baby! Am I the only one cheering? A screw it, play the game

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0 out of 5, would not fave.

god hate furrys? than i hate god! \,,/ -_- \,,/ ( for a greater good of god-iron maiden)


Personally, I don't really care about the fur-bashing, I only discovered furry about a month or two ago and I'm already used to that. The game itself has to be one of the most boring things I've ever played. It reminds me a lot of asteroids in the basic gameplay and the fact that you're shooting things that look exactly the same. What are there, 3-4 different furries you're shooting at? Waiting for the lasers to 'recharge' seemed completely pointless. Any of the powerups I saw were also pretty useless. The speed in particular made the character impossible to control. Point of the story is I'm giving you 0 because of the gameplay and the graphics. If you feel the need to hate on people who are different than you are, at least put the time and effort into it so that someone will actually want to play it.


ok im a furry and i dont care if you hate furries i just hate it when people keep calling them stupid or something you should spread your hate

we are better

people like a you don't like a hat shit don't care cause as you sit there decaying i your own carpy side of the world thinking that your voice is being herd but your kind isnt heard in the void so we do not care for littleshit and in indifference ways you are on ant againts a hurricane so we show no mercy for we do nothing wrong will you sit there wasting your time and ours to this shit of an abomination you call a life. you are a waste of a body for somone s heartless and empty for you only make another hole in the void in your hatful nad shamless ways.people like you dont have a soul worth living for so why are you still here and why are you wasting the worlds time with this discrimination that came from an empty hollow as yourself.but for your voice is not herd for you are just the dieng breath of you people and for we do not care about your voice cause what will you do to stop us for we only gorw stronger will you waste your time roting in your own pit of empty....heartless...ways of your abomination of a mother leting you in this worldyou do not have a soul so you dont have a voice.

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1.54 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2007
2:25 PM EST