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[KK] The Anti KK Flash

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Vote 5 if you hate those guys!

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I voted 5, because the Kitty Krew spam the Flash Portal.

If you hate kk prove u cam make abetter flash

thats the message


i rated 5 cus the kk is GAY

Wasn't that bad

Well, the intro looked good and maybe the animation after that was very poor, but the message was true...just because you are part of a crew doesn't mean your are ***t.(But you could clear you name if you wanted to)
Anyway, that little stick fella and his pelvic moves caught me off guard and me LOL^^
PS: 3 for ya


I don't see how this has anything to do with the title 0.o

if it was longer, funnier, & had better graphics i'd give you a way higher score

kenny responds:

Are you fucking retarded by chance? Cause it's called the anti KK flash, and the whole movie was about making fun of the KK (in very complex humor).