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Eres Veneno ++

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Halos, Ive been working on this lately and announced it few days ago.. I got caught up with some $$$ anims so I couldnt finish this thing in time, instead of replying excuses I decided to work on the anim until I got it done. Sorry for the waiting.

NOTE: dude is not wearing make-up, theyre natural saggy eyes.

Lazaro and Luna, a couple with a strange way to show some lovin. They were a couple years ago in the same school..

Ever had a girlfriend who was a pain in the ass?. A flashback from the main CCC story.

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I still come back to watch this Animation... After all, this one and Rush 2 are two of my top 10 vids from... 'the-old-time' xD


O-Ovinnie, a name, a trademark, a Legend....
It will be 3000 year, and those gems will still be watched.... and appreciated, and frontpaged....

I’ve had a girlfriend who was a pain in the ass. That’s basically why I wanted to break up with her. She goes by the name of @Flippy4Like. Looking back I regret getting back together with her cause she just got worse.

Okay I was going offtopic. For the movie, this was a nice animation, kinda low FPS even for 2007 standards, and sometimes I couldn’t tell what was happening, and the music was kinda unfitting, but it was still a good song, and overall it was a good movie for it’s time. If only I could rate this a 7.5, but I can’t. No .5s in your personal score. So I’m gonna just say it, I rate it a 7.5/10.

Soon I’m planning to find a girlfriend who is 1,000 times better than @Flippy4Like.


That b#tch is crazy with all the horrible ways she does just to get his attention....