The Other Side Of Halo

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The Other Side Of Halo.
**EDIT: Due to popular demand(no, really) The Other Side Of Halo 2 is going to be in production soon. I'm just trying to get some new ideas to make it more original. There will still be one or two Red Vs Blue Tributes but most of it will be original stuff. I will try to add more movement and add all the sugestions made.


IMPORTANT CREDIT: Some of you may recognize some voices in this flash from the hit Machinima, "Red VS Blue". SOME VOICES ARE FROM RVB & I GIVE THE RED VS BLUE CREW FULL CREDIT FOR MAKING THEM. Dont think that I'm tring to steal voices and ideas, think of those specific parts as Red Vs Blue TRIBUTES. All other audio was made by me.

YES, i am a HUUUUUUUUUGE fan of the halo series! Speaking of halo, The Halo Flash Game that i am making might take a little longer that i said on NGMAG, so be patient, i havent abandoned the project!



Red vs. Blue

This was almost completely ripped from red vs. blue, which doesn't make it bad, but quite a bit less original.


thats pretty damn funny

cool one

that was a nice Halo animation. i've seen a lot of halo animations on here, so to me it was a little bit unoriginal, but it was still pretty cool to watch.

Tisk tisk tisk

All i can say is...................WOOT! ALL MY FIVE ARE BLONG TO THIS! this movie was off the heezay yo! (whatever that means) it was pretty damn funny and you used the "profanity" pretty well. u gots me 5!

That was great

That was really well written, BRAVO!

I really enjoyed it. Sound lacked a bit though.

But still you got a five from me!

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Mar 1, 2007
11:25 PM EST
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