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Death's Curtain Ep.01

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[Update: Big screen support and graphics/sound tweaks]
Episode one of Deaths curtain.

Episode 01 synopsis: Just when things couldnt get any worse for Micheal, he learns what people refer to and pray to as angels, have a twisted agenda of their own.

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I almost shit myself, wheh that thing screamed on the bed.

I love this soulless shit pain is the only way to tell that your alive

Still the scariest fucking "show" on NG.

Haven't seen this again in years, and it's still as awesome, dark, and gory as ever. I do have to say that your demonic versions of angels are quite original compared to stereotypical versions of angels, but they're not that original. Contrary to popular belief, angels and demons in the Bible actually look the same rather than looking like opposites, thus your angels looking demonic make sense. Also, Biblical angels don't look like winged humans wearing robes, playing harps, and have halos above their heads. Instead, they're very monstrous and weird looking, with most of them actually being far less humanoid than your angels and very varied looking instead of all looking the same. For example, plenty of them are wheels within wheels with lots and lots of eyes, others are actually locations that other angels dwell in, and others are lot like the angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not only that, some angels have some unique appearances on their own that are pretty weird and monstrous, with angels like Samael and Azrael being prominent examples. That should give you some ideas for what kind of angels to put in the third episode and beyond if you decide to continue this series.

this is GREAT! its not the best animation for you guys, but that's understandable, what ith itbeing released some time ago.