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Happy Fun Adventure!

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Author Comments

Make sure you watch the entire intro. (it starts slow)

A happy fun platformer game! (not guaranteed to be happy). Note: To wall jump HOLD space and use the arrow keys.

Made this for my final school project. Its my first game and it turned out real well. But tell me what you think (especially level design, I had limited playtesting).

Have a good one!

Oh, and visit ArmorGames.com. Its got some great games and most importantly, they are great to Flash artists.

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its not good


I knew she killed the happy people of the world.

Anyway...fun game but needed more reaction time instead of just "Get Away". Maybe obstacles like things that could smash you if you don't time it right...

...but besides that, great yet terrifying game :D

Silly game

It was a bit boring with the repetitive jumping around but it's worth playing through once and the Hilary Clinton giant was hilarous,nice job.

Wow. Lol, awesomely funny.

This was just plain brilliant.
you've got a good sense of humour man. Well done.

Quite good graphics. +2
Decent scripting. Good but not brilliant. +2
Funny. +2
Original. +1

That's good.


I give 10/10 !!! the big monster very scary ! 1st time i try i lose at the wall THEN THE MONSTER EAT ME OMG ! then i try 2nd time , i win. BUT THE MONSTER STILL ROAR AT ME and i killed the monster . then after i killed i say YAY and then a stone fell down and then die lol