Never Ending Level Game

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NOW WITH 300 LEVELS!!! ! Here it is, a puzzle like game where you use clues provided on the screen to proceed to the next level. If you beat all 300 levels you win and get your name on a high scores list. This game does start off easy to lure in the unsuspecting, but it gets very hard. Trust me. Anyway, I put a lot of effort on this and really care about it, so please vote fairly. Thanks for all your support people. Please review and mention any levels you liked, or hated, or what level you gave up on.

I will personally reply to every single solitary review of my game, so please everyone take a moment to leave some kind of review!

Thanks all!


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The only reason I stopped is because I refuse to type 1000 a's, and my computer will not allow me to copy and paste (Level 64).

Other than that, I really enjoy playing this game! I love the format, but wish that some of the levels had more hints.

help...me...at...260...i...feel...lik e...im...in...prison...HHH

This is the most amazing game on newgrounds in my personal opinion.
Below you will find my ratings of this amazingly awesome game.

Concept And Plot : 10/10 Has an amazing concept to it. it is very challenging ( at some points).
But At The same time very addictive and entertaining game.

Art And Creativness : 7.5/10 Because Of The Look Of The Game barely suffices. But the creativness of the game is a big up for me i love and thorughly enjoy this game.

Music : ??? I have no idea because my speakers are messed up but im guessing the music is decided by ones opinion .

I honestly hope my review helps you out on the idea of rating on this game.

Thanks For Reading - UltimatiumMatrix

Gosh! I'm stuck on level 57!

I saw in a forum page that the password was "rewind". I tried it, but it wouldn't work. :(

I keep trying though, I've already memorized the answers to levels 1-56. XDDD

Currently at level 80...

And I love (I love this game) and hate it. So much. It's great to play this as a minigame, when I started to play this game I was awake for about 5 minutes and this snapped me out of my last sleepyness, I had to actually THINK to advance in this game.

Art: 6/10
Nothing special, it sufficed. I guess if you did put a lot of graphics into this, the file size would be insane, just as the time you put into this. Therefore I won't count this in my final score: it was inevitable.

Music: 8/10
Reading the review below me, the music mentioned in the Author & File Information, the song "Symphony of the Demon" will be used in the game, I'm looking forward to it. It's a very, very nice song.

Concept: 10/10
Love it. It's annoying, challenging and fun at the same time. I'll be trying to finish this game, which is a pretty rare thing for me. (I often quite with other things halfway through :\ ).

Great job, you get a 9/10 and so a 5/5 from me.

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4.41 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2007
10:31 PM EST
Puzzles - Other