Amy's Revenge! Part 1

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Part one of the final verion of Amy's Revenge. The other two parts are almost done and will be uploaded within the next few weeks.

Note: Sorry the credits are so long since they're the credits for the entire trilogy not just this chapter. This was originally one animation but was split into three parts due to file size.

EDIT: updated some scenes, hope you enjoy.

EDIT:For all those morons who are complaining that "ZOMG!111 AMY CAIN"T DO DAT!111!!! KIL DAT PINK BITCH!11!!1" remember that this is a PARODY involving FICTIONAL VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS. It is NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE SENSE OR BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. And just because she killed some character doesn't mean they're dead. If you play the games Espio's not decapitated, Eggman hasn't been impaled and Mario hasn't been disintergrated with a Spirit Bomb. ONLY THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS CAN KILL THEM OFF FOR REAL NOT ME.

Sorry for this rant but it's annoying that a lot of people can't deal with a fictional character fictionally dying in a completely un-official, fan made story.


amy is CRAZY

but she IS COOL

Uh oh

o.o Amy gone CRAZY!!!

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Not Tails!!!

Tails did not deserve to die like that nither did Knuckles....

Why Tails

Why uckin Tails Why GOD WHY

nice work

i mean its cool dont get me wrong and amy is cute but she cant do that please dont tell me you think amy is cool than tails or knuckles that is all from the c man

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Feb 23, 2007
5:11 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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