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physic tutorial

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Author Comments

Yesterday I submited a "tutorial" but it was just: here is the script! copy paste it! and got blamed, this one actually explain and if you are the one that just want to copy the code, well you can't!
You memorise better when you write it yourself.
I actually did some research.

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Good tutorial (too hard for me though)

Add a soundtrack, the ability to change backgrounds, normal stuff like that in a tutorial

Review Request Club

Very helpful to the beginners

Good work, you actually did a very good job transfering the laws of physics into computer programming! Although most your explaination of the laws were fairly basic it is really the only things people should know for these types of ball type games. Just a note, you didn't really need to demonstrate the full law of universal gravitation for all this (it might confuse people)

If you make another one of these in the future, I highly recommend you teach how to program momentum (and maybe energy if you get there), since some people might want to have balls collide realistically or something.

That's all for me!

let me give you some pointers on physics.

F equals force, a less mindbogling definition. for those less intelectual then yourself.

with the ball, I want to talk about acceleration. an object has a constant acceleration when in free fall, on earth for instance it is 9.8, which is also the force of gravity. when it hits the ground, its not accelerating anymore. (unless it bounces of course).

also the ymov thing, y is the vertical line on a gride, the y tells the object to go up and down. you explain this later, but not at the time you talk about it, just thought I'd inform you.

also the chair pushs a force on you equal to the force your pushing on the chair.

the earth not only rotates around the sun becasue of gravity holding it in place, but also the speed the earth is traviling in space keeps it going. don't ferget the speed thing cause if the earth stoped the sun and earth would collide and we would all burn.

sorry to about the information, not trying to impose on your satisfation or anything, I liked it, you know alot about physics for researching it.

Wilio responds:

Thank you for your good review, you seem to know physic law more than I do =)
And thank you to note the point I didn't tell.

Horray for Physics!

nice job. 5 because physics kicks ass.

Wilio responds:

Thank you, E-mail me if you want some specific physic shit on the next tutorial.

it was really good ,my friend

it was good, however it needs moreopictures, dunno, a picture depicting the force of earth and the law of physic ,and to be shown pi just before the animation of movement will showed. however ,i think! you should also add, a animation of the sory, but with a more interest in animation. like, for example ,doing one chair , and a man to sit, and a baseball, and other , and etc.
however, add these, and some sound of the narrator, and it will be coo and niiice

Wilio responds:

Thanks, more will come(More animation in picture) in volume 2!

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2007
7:59 PM EST