Burnt Toast Man: Hot Date

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Our good friend Burnt Toast Man goes on a "hot" date, with wacky consequences!

Also to note, there's been tons of new live film on tomorrowsnobody.com that I'm sure many of you have been missing out on.



Hahaha, good job dude, very well done!

Eh not quite living up to the last one

I didn't really get too much of a laugh out of this one.
The last one really slams you all at once with the joke with him screaming and all, that was priceless.
This one however it seemed more like the same joke was dragged out for the whole movie and pretty much spread the humor thin.

If you guys want to make these movies about our little breakfast buddy *note to self: WTF?*, you need to hit us with the joke at one moment and one moment only, not to mention the screaming and twitching stuff was what makes his torture all the more worthwhile to see ;)

Knowing you guys you have some hilarious ideas out there, just waiting for your next flick to come out to see some in action *hopefully more TN!*

Yay! Do more!

Nice stuff. He is, of course NOT burnt toast man UNTIL he goes on the date, but never mind us pedants!

No, seriously. It has a light touch to the humour although its really very black watching poor Clarence and his parten burn to death.

I like the Herb Alpert revival!


if this was based on what chase has to eat it would be burnt mac n cheese man

Burnt Toast Man

I love the way he walks around! LOL. Anyways, i like burnt toast man but after watching both movies you got to start feeling sorry for the little guy. But the again he is supposed to be burnt toast man so i guess good job.

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Feb 16, 2007
11:09 PM EST
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