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Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG

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UPDATE 03/02/07 - Battle mode highscores table keeps more scores (250 max) :)

Space - Actions, texts, talk to people, etc.
Enter - Open/close the menu.
Arrow keys - Move the character.
Mouse - Click the buttons during battles.
Q - Toggle quality. (Best, high, medium, low)

Don't forget to equip your new weapon/armor once you've bought them.
Purchase the battle mode from a merchant in the game.


- New party members
- Overworld map
- Alchemy system (replacing Magic, for humans)


- Sea traveling
- Boat battles (against other boats and sea monsters)

-Snails Animation
Go visit our website: www.snailsanimation.com



good flash but a small choice of moves.Mayby he can throw his sword the slash it upwards.And the final boss could have been harder i beated him on level 11(with a lot of potions and nectar and the best equipments)Hope you finish 3 soon.

Wow. This rocks like the Punk-o-Matic, biotch!

This. Game. ROCKS.

I can't say that enough. If Jimi Hendrix burst from the ground with a guitar in his hand and launched straight into the Star Spangled Banner + Purple Haze, it would rock about as hard as this game rocks.

Heh. Mindless, indulgent praise aside, this game does rock, but it could use some improvement.

1. Some people just like power-leveling, especially in a game where EXP is easy to come by. (DON'T CHANGE THIS!) Remove (or else greatly hike up) the level cap for the next chapter, please. I want to power-level to the point where I can anhilliate my enemies with one or two uber-spells or wicked-sick skill combos.

2. Can we please have some single-target offensive spells that don't cost so damn much? I really never used the Explosion spell but for a few times out of boredom (power-leveling when a save point was literally RIGHT THERE), and X-Explosion only once on the final boss (I was unimpressed). Frankly, you get much better use out of your MP by casting Heal and using your regular attack.

3. What was the girl on the train reading?

4. More skills, please. Maybe a triple-stab, or a Double-Slash?

5. The monster animations were kind of sad, except for the darklings and the final boss - more of animations like that! Also, Gus' animations could have used some work.

6. Maybe in addition to his chance at dodging, Gus should have a chance of negating say, a quarter damage by parrying. I always thought he needed an animation where he parried the incoming attack with his rapier. (You could do this the way Super Mario RPG did - hit the button at just the right moment, perform an Active Defend)

7. For the Dodge, how about making it look a bit less stilted? As it is, Gus just kind of takes a step upwards - more like he got shoved out of the way. How about making him jump, or roll, or hit the deck.

8. In addition to the above, perhaps a small chance to actually get in a counter-attack (Maybe at half damage) would be nice?

9. Perhaps some additional attack animations? Not everything should be a single jab - he should also make slashes and cuts, and maybe the odd move where he bashes the enemy with the pommel of his rapier.

10. Probably more work than you want to do, but maybe alter the way Gus looks in combat (if not on the main screen) depending on the equipment he's wearing? Say, make a "Naked Gus" graphic, by which I don't mean a literally naked Gus, but with him wearing only a flowery white shirt, pants, and bare feet - like a pirate. Then apply other graphics layed above him depending on what he's wearing. This would, IMO, help immersiveness. (If you're going to do this, it would also be nice to have Gus' combat portrait on his equipment screen, so you could see what his new threads look like without going and picking a fight.)

11. May I suggest a new Skill, called "Pistol"? An attack which is not greatly powerful - say, (depending on the Pistol you have equipped - more money sinks, yay), it does somewhere between 75%-125% of what Gus does on a normal attack... BUT, after Gus spins around and fires his pistol, he gets another turn immideately. (You know... Like a pirate, he dosen't fight fair. :) )

12. Perhaps add a random chance for a critical attack, or a random chance to make a double attack?

That's all that comes to my mind for now. Make more! This game rocks!

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You guys created that from base,or were inspired by some Amiga/old PC game?;]
At any rate,briliant!Looks nice,no bugs,playable and what is big + for it - interesting storyline not like crap in most of other RPG's

And yeah,replacing magic with alchemy would fit beter,as those look for 40's

What else?Potion Girl was inded cute,as one of previouse guys stated,put her in another chapter or some of us will regret it;D

Only thing that may bite is that this game is short,but at same time is shows how fun it is to play it,right?;)

Good luck with another one,and make haste with it.


Really cool!And not to be stupid here are the good and the bad points.


1)Graphics.Really cool job on that.

2)Saving.Well,enough said.

3)Item shop and weapons.

4)Enemies.They look cool.Maybe they could have more than two attacks,though.

5)Everything else.I am lazy.


1)The looping.Some enemies and Gustave had a bit of Break at the end of the loop,looked stupid.

2)Music.Batlle music was too jazzy.And short.

3)Items.A phoenix down that can be bought is a MUST.And a ether would be useful too.

4)Magics.Explosion was too weak for the mana cost.And elmental magics are needed.And i think that heal could be more random,Like heals 80-90 so that it would be a bit of more luck needed.

5)In the options menu,skills are not shown.But this is minor.

P.S:Is it made with flash?


Lack of Recognition, eh?

I don't know...being on the front page gets you an insane amount of recognition; almost 25,000 views at the time of this post and the score is inching it's way toward a 4. You know I'll come back the next several days to inch it up as much as I can ;).

I'm going to take up as much of the post as I can so bear with me:

The entertaining stuff:

First off, thanks for taking my suggestion of the "Double Touch" change to "Double Strike", made me glad to see that I helped even the tiniest bit to making this game possible ^_^.

You had me bawling in laughter with Awareness, nice touch!

The girl with the crush on Gustave was cute too.

Thanks for letting us run from battles now :P.

Thanks for also fixing that small little gap-pause in the boss battle music. While it runs much smoother for everyone else, I've become so used to the pause that I expect it now. I open up a new game speed-play up to the Female Vehusus simply so I could hear the song loop over and over, so the pause ended up ingrained in my mind and it's now part of the music for me. Time to retrain myself :P

Now onto the Good Points:

1) Save states: enough said.

2) The equipment and money system is well-done, there's a few balance issues left to be settled, but the overall system works, so that's two steps forward.

3) Thank you for making it impossible to hit Boost the turn after you used it. I can't remember how many times I've slapped my head when I accidentally hit Boost instead of Double Strike. XD

4) The extra story background makes Ch.2 much better than Ch.1, I have a better sense of the world Gustave lives in.

5) The Bestairy was a wonderful touch, extra points on that.

6) The barrels were a nice surprise...especially the one with "water" by the train station XD.

7) The backgrounds, as usual, were gorgeous. I agree with a few of my fellow reviewers, the "pulses" (I believe they were called) had an absolutely breathtaking death animation.

Now onto the areas of improvement:

1) There seems to be a bit of a problem with your magic system, I think. Heal is a tad overpowered that it makes the Herb pretty much obsolete from the beginning of the second chapter, but Explosion an X Explosion don't deliver the raw power I expected for the large MP cost.

2) The writing does need a bit of work on it. That being said, as I just looked at most of the dialog, it was well done. A few areas could be...polished up a bit, but on the whole the dialog is good enough. I've seen worse translations from games that get bought (All Your Base immediately come to mind XD) If the game gets up to the front page on Newgrounds and stay there for a week and the dialog is a tad shoppy, you know it's a minor issue.

3) The Magic Worm is technically an item, but it doesn't appear in the item list. Now I had it when I was battling the Burn Pulse triplets and I lost all my HP then, the worm automatically revived me. So I'm just wondering if there will be an actual item in the list for the worms, or whether it will just auto-activate when someone hits 0 HP. The next question is: when you have more than one playable character, how will the worm work then? Will the worm revive the first one that hits 0 HP or will it have to be used on someone first? If it needs to be used, will it operate like a Phoenix Down and require use at 0 HP to revive or will using it make it operate like Auto-Life/ Life 3 (Yeah, I'm old...good ol' Life 3 ^_^)

The only real pressing issue is the first one, but that has been handled quite well in these past chapters through skillful handling of the monsters. I just fear this will only get harder the farther along the game goes, so the sooner this issue is dealt with, the less hassles it will create later. I have a few other issues that I could bring to your attention, but I'm running out of space here. Instead, be expecting an email tomorrow with more detail.

I admit, I was starting to give up hope that Snail Animation was still working on Mesiria...thank you for restoring my faith.


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Feb 14, 2007
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