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N00bKebob #26

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Author Comments

It's been a while, but here is the latest N00bKebob.



it could be 10 but...

...soul man´s movie closes down the page!! if you are doing a 1 more n00bkebob forget him!!! i am disapointed!>:( but,the others are good!

N00bNation responds:

I dont see why this would happen to you. It doesnt happen for me or any other person ive asked.


Craigus' part was most definatly the best this time around, it was the funniest of them all I think anyway.
All the others where good in there own right, just some I didn't understand, like my own, haha, sorry I had no ideas XD

TheSoulMans didn't load on a Mac so I had to wait till I got hom to watch it, it was good, kind of random though, lol still none the less, very good :)

Some of the others don't stick in my mind much this time around, I'll get round to watching it again though, just wanted to get this review in :D

Anyway, really good job, the next one will be better! I know it :P



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N00bNation responds:

Maybe a little better. But dont hold your breath :p


A good job!

King: A cute little cartoon! Nice voice acting as usual, as well as great graphics!

Vein: That was... random?

TheSoulMan: Entertaining, some funny things as well as some very awkward and strange things in there.

DarkSoldier: Funny idea, but perhaps you could have spent a bit more time on the graphics.

Queen: Very strange and abstract... I loved the graphical style though. I really wish I could draw like that.

Rena: Oookay...

Craig: Funny and good graphically and what not and stuff. Nice use of the screams.

Shinoobeh: A nice old-skool like kebob. Funny ending, but the first scene showing the plane was too long.

Some of the parts were a bit... ey... but well done to the pplz with good parts.

N00bNation responds:

We do our best :)

Great Kebob! 5/5

Another great kebob, i'll rate everyone on their parts!

Veindigger: Same part as last time :(, the graphics were alright and the animation was fairly smooth but there should have been some sort of background, sound FX, and try not to use real images they look very unfit for a flash.

King: Excellent everything, your graphics animation and of course voice acting was magnificent, and you said this only took you an hour? You have some serious skill and it is very impressive!

Soul: Great selection of music and of course the oh so classic "Fuzzy transition screen" A nice bunch of loops but I was sad to see that your take on meatspin wasn't in their, well done!

Darksoldier: A nice little part with some fitting music and the rests, I was impressed, being as this your first submitted flash and it is quite a nice part. The graphics were fairly smooth but I'd like to see what you really can do with your own style and coloring, this was basically your landscaping of the house now you just need to structure it and show us what you can do on the higher level, I have a great feeling you will have a great time at n00bnation and it seems you put a fair amount of effort into your part, good job!

Queen: Great graphics and visual effects, my only complaints are that the background in the cell seemed a bit "underdeveloped" and that it was a little inconclusive. But of course your shading and coloring still drives me crazy and the color on some parts seemed as if it had a lower opacity(am I right?) which had a very nice feel to it and looks very good. You are truly one great animator queen.

Little-Rena: A very short part but quite funny, the graphics were ok but I suggest you zoom in as you draw with about a size 3 thickness for lines, as for the humor(which I believe was your main goal here) it seemed very funny and random to say the least. Your shading style is quite nice but on some of the doors and windows the shading seems to be more in the middle than on the edges in stuff, which you might want to clean up a bit more next time, other than that nice sound effects and a good job :).

Craigus: You are one amazing animator, believe it or not you and cosmoseth had both caught my eye numerous times before you even joined n00bnation. How was it working with him? After seeing your masterful explosion in "justify your mind" I have been a fan of yours. Great kebob part but I don't particularly like speakonia voices. The animation was top notch and the humor was really great and sort of ironic. Great job and definitely one of the bet kebob parts I have ever seen (besides Dean-Dobbs only noobkebob part). Once again you are a brilliant animator and I am very glad to have you at noobnation :).

Shinoobi:After seeing a few of your earlier movies I can say you have greatly improved, the music was very deep and vibrant and had a nice feel along with the flash, when the more epic music started playing and I saw the guys with guns (Queenie and the rests) I laughed out loud. The humor was very nice and sort of unexpectant. My favorite thing about you is your great story telling feel and style, your posts on the forum and everything you feature in your animations is very great story-wise. You have tons of great posts on the forum as well with what seems like endless phrases and wisdom, (congrats on getting the kewl by the way) and I am very glad to have someone like you at our forums.

*Good Points*
Most collab parts were very outstanding
Everyone had quite a unique and great style which is the best part about n00bkebobs in my opinion
It seemed the sound in this one was tuned up for all parts

*things to improve upon*
Take some of the suggestions I gave you guys


N00bNation responds:



...as usual, n00b nations grace upon us by their new kebob, and it rocks! esp thesoulman's part...awesome XD
props to cragius for the cool graphics


btw what was that piece of music used in darksoldier's part? iam SURE that i've heard it somewhere before..

N00bNation responds:

Thanks for your kind words. Im not sure what song it is. You better PM him.

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Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2007
1:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original