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Bee Shooter 2

rated 3.16 / 5 stars
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Feb 14, 2007 | 12:53 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hello and welcome to Bee shooter 2 please feel free to leave your comments and questions and i will do my best to reply I hope you like the second one more than the first.

Bee shooter 1 stats to beat
Score: 3.04 Votes: 253 Views: 549

I know of a few Bugs atm but I will get round to fixing these in 3 as well as making the game have a bit more of a plot line.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
The graphics throughout this were pretty nice. The text went well with the backgrounds, and I think maybe even the music complimented the text. A good combination.

^^Needs Improving^^
Honestly, it doesn't look like too much has changed from what I remember of the first version. Now there is an autofire, which makes the game tons easier, and kind of boring. Also, again, no clear objective other than destroying as many bees as you can with no time limits makes for a pretty boring game.

carborundum responds:

Sorry for the lateness in reply i have little time theses days i work way to much but thanks for the review and I am Glad the text the backgrounds and sound worked well together thats what i concentrated on number 3 i am going on to features sorting thinfs out adding a point to the game really. I have had help from squeakytoad on 3 for improving the Main character ie you the bat. I am tring to sort out some coll features but due to some actionscript not working how i want it do i am currently having difficuity in doing what i want to sort out but once sorted that will come in i also what to finish the other shooter game i made its a lot different and happens to work best of all a few improvements to that and it will be coming along I also have some claymation that may come soon and same for legomation been busy in the free time i do have and hope to release it all soon


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'm sure even you expect more out of this game

I really enjoyed the background graphics, they were really nice, that and the music were about the best thing about this game. I dont want to sit here and write a very long letter about whats wrong with it, so instead I would say that, you should decide weither you want your game to be level based or a quest type shooter, decide wiether or not to put powerups in it, or if you want in between levels be able to upgrade your character. Put a little story-line behind the game too, trust me I've been playing video games since I was 3 and i'm almost 22, even a small almost irrelavent storyline makes a game a lot more interesting than no storyline at all. People like to know why they are killing all those bees after all anyways (I mean why would you kill that many bees) plus the fact that you didnt explain the controls usually will make many people stop playing before they play and they will either just not play it again or blam your game or give you very negitive reviews, which if you decide to use a level based system you can use a tutorial as your first level, or just put a controls screen that actually is updated. these are only a few suggestions contact me if you ever need any ideas.

carborundum responds:

Thank you for the review glad you liked the background work I do a lot of work in backgrounds flash is still relatively new to me been learning what 2 maybe 3 months now so still like oh new feature learning stuff the game will have a story line is just getting to a stage where i do the features i wanna do.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Definitely needs work

The game is very playable which is something that can't be said for a lot of the content on here. However all we have here is the most simple form of shooter possible (well not quite, that would require only one enemy). There are also a couple of minor gameplay issues, for one the distance away to cause a collision is quite large and makes things impossible when navigating a large clump. Also the very samey enemies aren't even animated, a little variation isn't just nice, it's essential.

I'll just assume this is a test project for something better later on. Bee shooter 3 is going to have to do a lot more than this project to impress

carborundum responds:

A lot is planned to be done just my coding is quite basic and i can't add a second enemy till i fixed the issues with the first as you will hav noticed enemys continue to move after you die I need to make this stop so i can really get to work anyone that can help me email me or mail me here on NG

E-mail crazy-hobo-in-a-bin@hotmail.c


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Alright start

Its a good start. To be honest I still havent figured out how to do shooting collision detection so you have that on me. Of course it would be good to see a sliding background and just a little more definition to the sonic shots. Look up echo the dolphin, that game did a good job of showing a sonic attack. Also I like how the bees dont die right when you hit them. It seems like they are still crashing at you, however if you could make them change graphics to look like they got hit and are crashing right when you hit them that would make that feature a bit more understandable.

I enjoyed the music, you might want to add sound effects for shooting and getting hit .
Also nice light effect with the background.

Keep it up.

carborundum responds:

thank you for the positive review I will explain the actionscript in 3 under the making so that will be cool for you to look at I willl look in to echo the dolphin thanks on that tip and i see what you mean about the backgound i will get to work on that after i have eaten and finished my current contain which is the other location and difficuities

Sound effect i should really add and infact i will also add that tonight depending how this one does overall i may re submit with the changes i make tonight


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not really good

The graphics aren't great (I have no idea what I am, or what I'm shooting at the bees) there's no real sense of progression or advancement, and it's just not that fun overall.
Sorry, it's just not that great.

carborundum responds:

thats fine I know the bat is not great hence that is down for revamp and the shooting is though sonic beams which again i know are not great I understand the progression and advancement there is none this is needed I will sort to that as an advancement in 3
Sorry you did not enjoy it I hope next time I can make it enjoyable for you