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It's about a mission to save the sister..

Thank you to all those people that enjoyed the movie,
I intend on thanking you guys personally on my next movie.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden FOX

Great work man, just simply great. The amount of violence crammed into this flash and all portrayed by cute animals, makes this flash EPIC. A little note though, try cleaning up the sound...just a tad-bit. But other than that, you did an amazing job...keep up the awesome work! ]XP


Your graphics and story line were original and excellent. I thought that the story itself, although a generic idea, took a good turn to make it an original flash. I thought the fight scenes were excellent, and despite the previous review, those long spots of a bamboo tree falling or a sword in the air is good in a fast fight scene. I thought, also contrary to the previous review, that you made the fighter a good mix between fantastic ninja and normal guy. He was hit several times in the fox fight and in the pig fight. The end was slightly humorous, because the letter wasn't even meant for him, putting a weird twist on things. Overall, excellent movie and I really hope to see more like this (I especially liked the use of animals)

Great movie but...

Although your art style is really great and i love the visuals, there are a few things that really, really bug me about this movie. The first is the pacing. You keep alternating between fast shots and slow shots. You can't afford to have a 5 second long shot of a sword just falling through the air int he middle of a really fast-paced fight scene. That's one of the things i believe you need work on. There are other instances but i'm sure you could find them yourself.

Now the biggest point though is that i've always had a gripe with the "superhuman capable of doing anything and is ulitmately better than anyone else" thing. I mean sure the ninja can be talented, doesn't mean he has to completely own every single enemy he encounters. I mean sure you made him get hit like what, 2-3 times from the white fox and 2-3 energy balls from the red pig? You have to make it more dramatic, dare i say a bit more realistic so your hero doesn't seem like this insanely quick and invulnerable killing machine.

I suggest for example, when he kills the first three guards he encounters. He could've just thrown 2 ninja stars and them, hide somewhere and kill the third while he was looking at what happened. It may not be as "exciting" as what you did but seeing a ninja move at the speed of light and killing everything with just a single blow gets kind of dull after a minute. As for the white fox, he clearly should've posed a bigger threat to the ninja. The only thing he managed to do was make him lose his sword. I don't even think he hit him at all.

I hope you see what i mean when i criticize your mistakes but i really think that your movie still needs a bit of work if you want to make it more compelling. Anyway, that's it for my long review, hope you read it... Ciao!

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G.R.E.A.T movie^^
graphihcs were kinda Original so a 10 on that.
style well a 9'er becouse i think ive seen something like it before.
sound 1. i reaaaly hated the pig voices -.-
violence 10 do i need to explain?
interactivity 10.. it needed it =)

humor 10 i laughed alot=)

over all great movie^^

Great piece of work!

I loved it from the first second till the last. It's a very individual style of graphics, which is good. The only thing I think would improve it even further are voices. Eventhough the subtitles get the job done, it would sound better with actual voice-overs.

The last few frames in which you show a close up of the sign wwas wonderful, it places the entire movie in a new perspective (kinda like the 6th sense did)

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Feb 13, 2007
7:12 PM EST