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I'm not a baby



Eventually all the inane anime parodies on this site will reach critical mass and collapse on themselves. In the aftermath, all that will remain will be Juho's stuff.

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that reminded me of a hallucination i once had

where there was a baby and a table... and... they saved at balloon from a monkey with the little clangy things... and... the monkey came in their house... and shit all over their house... and they were pissed... yeah thats weird... the movie kicked ass by the way and i gave it a 5 for humor because the voices were kinda funny soundin ;x good job though

this movie contains terrorist threats

This cartoon should be shutdown for an intire month and there should be stories about it on cnn. and somebody didnt make this cartoon it was 4chan. This submission was stollen from 4chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no but seriously good job, merry christmas to everyone but you

What the hell Juho?

It's not like you've been doing this way before Salad Fingers(although I fail to see the resemblance), it isn't like you're innovative in any possible way, it isn't like your influence has literally crept into the mainstream(I'd even go as far as saying television), you're a ripoff "artist", and I use the word loosely, because I fail to see any art in this at all. You suck, you're a waste of life, why don't you go eat some delicious poop?

The love of your life,

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Hello Doctor.

Good morning doctor, I would just like to congradulate you on your latest adventure with Tv Mount, but I know it's been quite some time, however, I brought you a present, and it's in the wonderful garden of Eden. I hope someday you find this garden, for in it are the dinosaur eggs. Feast on the eggs, and they will open with magical corn aprons for your mother's funeral. Please excuse me as I remember our final moments in the cheery forest.

Great work, doctor.

-- Dr. 666~ Welcome to Eden

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2007
5:26 AM EST
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