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A history of Emo's Pt2

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Author Comments

Please do not watch this without watching the first part http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/363024

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Poor emos

poor emos, great skill was put into the videos but why pick on emos =[
Mos tof them I know are really nice

Insaneplanetman responds:

Too nice, they need to learn to stand up for themselves, men these days usually fall into one of two catergories 1) Bullies 2) Wimps, we dont really want either, we want people who will be strong, but not bastards, not that this movie makes any point in that direction, i just thought it would be funny

i dont care that much...

the point of any art is to create an emotional response. in this case... masterpiece! i love the vicious little biting comments that include any large words they can think of, and good for you to not back down. i heartily approve of such intestinal fortitude. still, you should always strive to better yourself, so keep on working. oh, and antagonize more of these 'emos', their pain brings me joy

Insaneplanetman responds:

Right on Brother!

no potential at all

The fact is this animator has no talent what-so-ever for animating. These videos are a disgrace to animators everywhere and losers shouldn't be aloud to preach their hypocritical beliefs on other talented animators. The more I read the other reviews and the lame combacks you have against them the more I laugh. I mean if you have to go and search their profiles to see if they got any daily awards to prove, in your mind, that you are actually any better then them then that is just sad. I mean if we are going to play that game then have a look at your own shitty little profile. Not one single daily award which means you are below an average animating level in all areas and you have a bating average of 3.25!!! That is absolutely terrible. Well lets not get too hasty. That wouldn't be too bad for a newb of newgrounds but lets take another look at the sign up date. MY GOD 3/25/04?!!? Now correct me if im wrong but that is more then 2 years worth of sending in submissions and not having one single daily award. Now that is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. The more submissions you send in the lower the rating scores are. You want to know why? Because everything you make is a piece of shit and doesn't deserve to be on the flash portal at all. It is a waste of space and people like you should just stop animating altogether. Since I've noticed if you don't have any other combacks then to correct people's spelling erros or grammar mistakes then go right ahead. It will just prove, even more, how bad of an animator you are. Go ahead an do it and remember use spell check for you comback review. Wouldn't want you to be any more of a hypoctie then you already are then that would have made this review all and completely pointless for a piece of shit like you

Insaneplanetman responds:

Darky, ol'buddy why the angry face? Let me guess, you're an emo? Look buddy, my animations have goy better scores every time, 3.25 aint a bad average either, not even the best of animations out there score a clean five. I dont profess to be the best animator in the world, But i do claim to be able to tell a story and animate reasonably well. If this was as bad as you say it is, why didnt it get blammed, Newgrounds is a democracy and my animations got voted in, they even got voted to a good rating. You keep calling me a hypocrite: this means I say one thing and dont do that myself. when have I done this?
There is good reason for looking at someones profile, it lets me know if the review is comming from a experienced flash artist or a self righteous prick like yourself. Your anger means nothing to me, I was trying to insult people like you with this animation not entertain them, I count this as a win! I only want to entertain the people who entertain me, I have done that and your rage makes my victory full circle
im srory iff mi speelings a wrogn plees dnot tell me of

love stargate and galatica huh?

i watch them too :D

Insaneplanetman responds:

This animation is for people like you!


That was pretty funny lol idk why but it was, good job

Insaneplanetman responds:

Thank you my friend, I am very glad you enjoyed it

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2007
1:22 PM EST