Spinister Ep. 026

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spinister faces off against will stamper


Come on

Why is this even video? Audio, sure.

2 hands, some guy and a song...

...that's all this movie is. You definitely need to add more to your animation besides a scaling image. I just didn't have it in me to sit through the whole thing as I got bored within the first minute or so. I realize the punchline is the song, but at the same time you refer to the song as "gay" in your description. If you didn't like the song, then why make it the focal point of the entire movie?

No offence but I did not like it at all

If I were you I would try a different format because this one did not work out for you sorry.

Great tune

Loved the song but you could of tried a bit harder with the animation then just a zooming movie-clip. oh well realy good song

Take a look at my ennormus.....

oh wait I don't have one. But I know I will be singing this song all day at work. I woder what my co-workers will think? Good job with the song but your videowas seriously lacking, even though I think the song makes up for it.

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2.08 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2007
6:15 AM EST
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