Unforgotten Realms: Epi7

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Seven==

Edit: Thanks for the front page Tom, if I was a woman and you were single I would totally let you buy me a drink and pretend I was interested.

I would suggest watching the episodes in order but who are you to take orders from me. Screw that watch this episode.

I rewrote this episode right about after Christmas. I decided it was time this cartoon infacted looked like a cartoon and with the help of Dogman-Senpai and my brother we re-did the look. Another fan who goes by the slick name of Wuschell also made a sweet intro song so this episode pushes my would be animating skills to it's limit. With that in mind, I also knew that ever since episode four, people told me they liked previous episodes rather then newer ones. I went out of my way to try and make this funny on so many different levels for so many different people. From the hardcore D&D fans, to the internet gaming addicts and then back to just the common guys who likes the funnies, hopefully this cartoon has something in it for everyone.


unforgotten realms is a must see

its cool how ep 7 came out,but the graphics from before made them look funny...well to me


Great episode as usual. Funny allusions.

Biggest problem: The mutilation of the Kobold form.
Seems like a pretty nerdy thing to say but since me and my friends watch this as adamant D and D players and fans, its sad to see such a HUGE blunder...

Sirschmoopy responds:

Kobolds have been transformed over and over again in video games. These kobold are not based on D&D kobolds are not fun characters. I based these kobolds more so on Dark Age of Camelot that made them playable races then D&D/World of Warcraft kobolds.

Plus if you truely were a hardcore D&D fan you would be angry with that I did to the bronze dragon then over the kobolds.

New Graphics- Dont like

Nice episode, couldnt wait for it to come out, but i must point out the obvious, I HATE THE NEW GRAPHICS.......Only cause the old one makes them funny and im not use to the new grapphics...make them like the old ones.......

I liked wehn schmoopy was on fire HA!

Fun to Watch

I've seen your others and I like the humor in this one. I do feel you accomplished what you were trying to.

The graphics are greatly improved, obviously. I like how you did the beginning with them going from their old selves to their new selves. Great idea there.

I feel that there could have certainly been more animation. Like the dragin never really moved and when that guy was under the dragon, he was jus thimself turned sideways instead of redrawn. Yeah, it's time-consuming, but it would look better.

Nice work on this. glad you were able to find some people to help you out with the graphics. Hell, I could use the same help. hehe

You got my 5!

Sirschmoopy responds:

Time consumeing and the more animating I do the less some people will like it. Sure I could spend the time and make the characters walk every where instead of hop with tweens but for every person that impresses there will be two more thinking it's less funny.


Great job! i liked a lot good graphics

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Feb 2, 2007
5:13 AM EST
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