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The Stupid

October 30, 2001 –
May 11, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments



best than justin bieber
animation is stupid

my grand ma [if she was alive] could make better than that

when he hits the ground and wall he still stands like a plank of wood

i have seen people just put up a mario face saying realio stite. SO you get a 5. :) keep trying youll gett better

Finally a crappy person who admits it but to contradict the person below me ive seen way way way way way way way way way way better but never anything worse well except the last crapy things i saw

Don't worry, I have seen worse.

This is something a kindergarten student would get a B for if they had to take computer flash classes.

no sound at all.. that makes this thing boring.
then, the animations lacked some quality. there was no plot either. i don't know what exactly happend in this flash. th eguy fell off a cliff... but why? what was that he had seen there?

^^Good Points^^
I gave you a 1 for graphics because I felt the drawing of your character at the very beginning wasn't all that bad.

^^Needs Improving^^
There is no sound, so this is extremely bland and very boring. There is really no clear storyline either, just some weird guy falling off a cliff or something. I can only raise and eyebrow at this and wonder where the last minute of my life has gone.

First, no sound tends to mean no good. Just saying...

Second, your right, the animation isnlt great on this. (though I have seen worse.)

If you feel this is really that bad, why not delete it? Just change its name to: deleteLT01 and Wade will take care of the rest...

It was the lack of story and sound that turned me off, and it was short. Oh yeah, it didn't make much sense either.

But I must say, I laughed so hard at that..

Yet I find this one thing the guy apparently runs for looks like a turd! That is high in humor, considering the Turd Mountain prophecized your Turd of the Week!

could use some work, try harder next time...

OK well the animation was ok, could use some sounds or music though, and the art could be alot better, nice try though...


OMG LOL that was so good seriously though don't give up you have more animation skills than i have

put some gore in your move, no put a lot of blood and gore in your movie and have him doing something stupid that gets him mutilated. youd get better ratings by far

That's an almost-interesting cartoon style, but it's too brief, soundless, and pointless.

I dont get it. The guy sees something and jumps off a cliff, bounces off something, and smaches into a wall. Better grapics can come out of my... well i'll stop there.

probly the best one yet, for a turd of the week. Put a bit more time into them, with the animation, and you can make great flash. This deserves a 3, but Im giving it 5 because of all the bad votes

Although it has recieved the turd of the week award, I believe that this cartoon is short and sweet. Graphicvs may not be spectacular, but you've got the mind of a succesfull cartoon director. If you could improve on your graphics and add some sound, you could be a legend.


How does this constitute a game...?

Kinda funny hehe! but umm.... not good at all

hehe, well we have somebody who can admit it, keep trying, at least you could get turd of the week and didnt get blammed ;) as the last guy said keep trying. unless you like being crap :D

All I can say is keep trying,if you do that you will get better and better,just remember to keep trying.

The English language. At least I can say you will be able to get better as you go. Its not as bad as it looks, I do like the style the main character was drawn in. Maybe if you could add some sound...

Keep working on it...

Come on..Im a shitty animator too..But At Least I Could Make A Good Flash!!..No time at all was put into this..

If you try harder, you might be able to do something better. I visited your "site", and looked up the rest, which were just as disgusting. Your site layout is also horrible, and isn't appealing to the eye. You need to figure out how to make something decent if you want to send an animation to newgrounds.com, the competition here is tight. You'd better make sure you know what your doing next time instead of this....Thing... The animation does make sense though. Main character sees shit (this flash) and runs around and falls off a cliff and hits his head and dies. I have the very same urge to do that right now, now that I saw the shit. Try harder next time please, don't waste our time with this.

I couldn't give you an overall of 0. At least you made a flash, well done.

At least i know better than to make a movie. If it was physically possible, I wouldn't wipe my ass with this movie. I think that guy was suicidal. He remembered that shit he took on the rug, and knew he was gonna get it, and that crazy flashin in his eyes was the anti-depressant drugs wearin off. thats y he ran off the cliff *nodnod*. But at the last moment he was saved by rubber plants! Unfortunately, they bounced him into a tree. its sad how sum lives end these days.

Dude, I gave it a 1 in humor because I thought that big thing he ran into was a turd. It wasn't even a game..

Wade I want some new turd of the week movies!!

Better than anything I ever put on newgrounds!

practice makes perfect but u going to need alooooooooooooooooooooooot of practice... no offense. ive seen worse but this was pretty bad. it looked like the guy suddenly grew a wheel before he jumped off the cliff. it looked like water but in fact was JELLO.

the bob saget show was better than this....

All MY 5 BeloNG to THIS!!!

(I just wanted an excuse to use that dumb ass all your base reference.) I meen fer christ sake can't one of the dueling Fulps change that to something contemperary like domo-kun (sarcasm)


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