Goth Lyfe 12: New Goth

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Here’s episode 12! This is the second episode of season 2 and the Goths go back to Art Class! If you don’t understand what’s going on you probably haven’t seen the first 11 episodes! I suggest you watch those first, or at least 11 for now, then 12 then 1-10. Whatever, it’s up to you! Just remember not to take our portrayal of Goths seriously, the characters are fictional and we aren’t trying to offend, just entertain! As always…enjoy!



My favourite part was when they said "How do you like that.... todd todderson.." in the silly voice


Really awesome. That was hilarious. Two suggestions for future episodes:

-Speed it up a little. Go through each scene as quick as possible (WITHOUT rushing, though.)
-Change the opening theme music. It was awful. D:


this was sooo cool

its a gotharama ^_^

good graphics and sound. favorite part was the art teacher on the cam and speakers,didnt see that coming . over all good movie

LMAO! Mace and Sceptor is at it again!

LMAO! My fav charater is Sceptor, I can't believe that Sparo jerk! I would totally draw a pic of him to and make him get ran over! He was such a show off! Don't worry Sceptor! Your always gothic to me! lol. LMAO! I loved this movie! Hello Kitty the most darkest face XD LMAO!This was just so fricking funny! XD! All my fives belong here! And I am the first reviewer yay! That is so gawsome! Love ya gothic gods! Please reply back! And thanks for promising to tell me!

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4.09 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2007
6:36 PM EST
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