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Music Ping

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This is by far the longest Music MiniGame. Includes three levels, trophy cases and high score tables. Enjoy songs by cornandbeans and ParagonX9. See if you can get gold trophies on all 3 levels! Hopefully you'll be able to FEEL THE BEAT by the end of it.

Have fun,

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This game


To hard

This may be a little to hard, the notes are spread out across the screen so you have to be quick with the mouse to get to them in time, and if you don't click exactly on the note in the short time period you wont get it. Also I noticed that on every song it gave me a gold trophy even though I missed a large amount of notes.
The game has great music though, as I've come to expect from your games.


WAY too difficult. Good song, nice idea, but I had no idea what to do and when I DID figure it out I couldn't do it! Tone it down a bit!


Kinda hard at first but once you get a fell of the beat you get a big combo...
I got a gold trophy with 9 late and 10 miss...Weird.


the reason why your failing is because you dont let the circle shrink thats why it says miss you dumb person didn't mean to affend you i agree with undead monkey