Zero PART 1

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if someone have time ...Please send me e-mail with some tips and tricks...i want part 2 to be much better than part 1... my e-mail is gavrakovac@yahoo.com


Too much "fuck".

I'm not much into gratuitous swears; in the future, you might want to limit them. And try to make the dialogue boxes a weensy bit bigger. And what the heck is "tample"? A place to where they are going? A mangling of the word "time" or "temple"?

I really liked the audio. I think that alone might cause this to claw it's way into the portal. It will be interesting to see where you go with this, if you are planning a series.

Alright man, you admit that you need tips

So I will gladly provide. One, get voice actors, its REALLY BORING to read text. You can search the voice acting club on google, and it'll pop up. Ask your request, you more than likely will get some pretty good actors. Two, most of your questions can be solved in a convienient section on newgrounds, called FLASH HELP (its a collection) just search tutorial and you'll get thousands of great results. Some obvious ones, lip synching, backgrounds, animation (the stick figures did look like they were walking, so kudos for that). And ultimately, if you look up a animation book in the library, or buy a wacom tablet (its a thing that lets you draw on a pad, and it is transferred to the computer directly) and lots of practice. Don't worry about full-scale projects, just learn how to draw, how the human body moves, and its correct proportions. In due time, wilth motivation and research, you can be a great animator. Look at Castle III, its a great animaiton right? Look at Castle I now. Similar to your submission. Look where the man is now. (More than two years practice, at least)

Hope this helps.

PS. The script also was weak, but dont worry about that now.

This was pretty good.

For a stick figure story this was pretty good. Your actual execution of the flash was great. The motion was smooth, and everything looked good. It would be great if you could just try to move away from the stick figures. Other than that I thought this was really good.

Good Job

nice job man, although it wasn't much, it was pretty good. Storyline sounds excellent, graphics are decent. Just make the second a bit longer, and with more animation in it. I gave it a 4. Cant wait till part 2.

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2.02 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2007
11:21 PM EST
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