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TFB: The Magic Pill

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Tinfoil Bob gets a magic pill from a shifty salesman.

One of my personal favorites. To watch the original version, go here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=e8dORyvUYGQ

Note: Look for a quick glimpse of Super Batman.

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go crispy go

as i always say chris stop animatin is easier then frame bye frame drawing... and i mean look at my animation on myspace that i will never do again

I liked this one.

I wish that I had a magic pill. The animation isn't great, but it's still good. Your newer ones are a lot better.

I think the main problem with your camera and set movements is that you animate on a piece of cardboard and that probably slides around during animation

One of my favorite TFB's

Chrispy responds:

Thanks man, well, to be honest, I've only recently gotten any good at claymation, my new ones are better. I have a lot of improvements on the ones im working on, you'll see when I send you the next one.


diddnt u make the claymation series? im a huge fan, anyway, great flash. great storie line and pretty funny too. keep up the good work

Chrispy responds:

Thank you very much. And, yes I do have a claymation series, however, if you are by chance referring to Knoxs claymations, no, I did not have any part in that series. My series is "Tinfoil Bob" you can see some other episodes here and on Youtube. You will probably also noticed that they are a bit of a different style.


I'm sure it took you some time to make it... But it's worth it!
I love this movie ^^

Chrispy responds:

Thank you very much :) Be sure to check out the rest of the series, here and on youtube.

Must have taken alot of time!

Haha made me laugh xD

Chrispy responds:

Yeah, they take a while to do. Thanks a lot :)