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Natural Satellites

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first off: i am incredibly sorry this game doesn't have a preloader, i tried putting one in, but for some reason when the game reset it ignored all stop commands and i couldn't fix it... lol, so just wait for the brower to say it's done before playing.

Natural Satellites, The best physics-based game *cough*that I*cough* ever made! use the mouse to control Earth and don't crash into any moons, meteors or aliens before reaching the end.

How i made this game? basically, i was playing around with the physics engine in AS: Main on the bbs, after getting it down pat i realised i could make multiple followers to the mouse, all at differant speeds. along with static-ish obstacles, i thought this wouls make a pretty god game! and it did! i am pretty proud of this one!

and yes, i do know real moon gravity is inwards and gets stronger the closer you are, but this was made using an elastcity script and more fun in a game.

what it says is true, my name is numenos right now, but it probably wont be in a few days, no matter what name i choose on i always find a reason to hate it a few days later, does anyone else get this? or am i just weird?

in summary, please vote friendly, and please leave some constructive critisizm in reviews, i am always looking to improve my knowledge of script, if you have any ideas on how to improve the game or find any bugs, leave then in reviews or contact me via pm.

thanks for playing NS 1.0!

P.S: i am sorry if i spelt "satallites wrong at any point in the game... i was tired at the times i was making it...


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I Wish i could play

Addicting that's for sure

And not bad at all. I really wish I could get past the fuckin meteors though. Oh well, keepin at it.

cool one

that was a very interesting game. not exactly my style of game, but it was definitely original and fun to play.


Though easy with a graphics tablet.


That was fun!!!! LOL! This needs a sequel!!! It got hard though but still it was pretty damn fun!

*Sonic KB*