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*****NOTE::PUMP UP SPEAKERS:: If you can, watch 'FLASH ANIMATION" and "THE DEMENTED CARTOON MOVIE" before viewing this. It will make things a bit more clear.*************

Yet another disgrace from my humble little studio. Hopefully, this will make you flash fans giggle a bit. Once again, this is a school project.Another school project to get in the way of my REAL projects.
Well, they'll see! Soon, they will view the wrath of my films and say "Wow, Wes! That wasn't half bad."
Yeah, that'll show em...



i think you did very good on this rip off animation, i think you shoulda screamed your head off a bit more but over it was COOOOL and you even put me in the credits, im flattered. hehe

Shinpachi222 responds:

I have to sing alot. Screamin is kinda bad 4 me. Ya dig, homeboy? WORD!!!!!

Hey, it is alright.

Graphics: 4, they aren't fantastic, but hey, they are alright.
Style: 4, because it is the same as Graphics.
Sound: 5, it made cracking sounds which I wasn't a big fan of.
Violence:4, there was a boom dammit, if that doesn't deserve some violence points than what does!?
Interactivity: Fantastic play button! Way to go :D
Humor: It was pretty funny, random and funny. Have a 6!
Overall it is a 5, average, fix the sound quality to be better and I guess it can become a 7 in my book! Good job though!

Shinpachi222 responds:

Hey, thanks for the ONLY REVIEW I GOT HERE!!!!! XD Yeah, we were doing the wiggly thing in flash class at my school and this is what I crapped out of my mind.
P.S.: I like your profile... We think the same way!

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2.81 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2007
1:39 AM EST
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