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This game was a 'spur of the moment kind of thing'. I didn't really plan to make it, just opened Flash and this came out.

*EDIT* Thanks for all the great reviews and daily 2nd! I would also like to request that you help submit this game to the puzzles collection (an option to the right of this page). Thanks.

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While there wasn't that much going on, I still liked this. I am really getting used to hearing that music. I think the best part about it is how it was so simple. I wasn't even quite sure what I was supposed to do at first, but it was pretty easy to figure out. There isn't much else to say about this because it's so simple. Of course, it works fine that way.

I guess it didn't really get harder. It seemed like the same number of green balls showed up as the other ones. I could tell the red ones were bad. I now realize it's modeled after the stop sign colors. Not the most creative, but still nice.

Addicting as promised.

Extremely fun game, and currently have a high score of 79.

Good? Bad? Idk...Got it on like my 5th try, lol.

Very addicting, and definitely worth playing again.

I disagree that it is boring, as some have menntioned. Maybe after an exceptionally long period of time, like a few hours, but this is good, addicting, mind numbing entertainment that can be enjoyed for a good handful of time.

Great game.

awsome !

Make a second game with even better gameing and you be me playing it !!! :D


A pretty good game, quite addictive.

Simple, but addictive.

I've played this game before on other sites, and it is really a lot more than it looks. It is simple, but for such a straightforward game it is really fun. I like how the yellow dots give it a twist, it would be so much more boring without 'em.