KAZAHANA:Death of Formula

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Kazahana: Death of Formula is my 2nd submission to KFMB Open project, initiated by www.lifepoint1.com. To understand the whole story, please check out my first movie 'Kazahana:Formula' too. Enjoy.
A big thank-you to Lucien Dodge, Mizura, Patrick Bruun (VegaMan), Tsuki for their outstanding voice work, Max Mao, Omahdon (Edwyn Tiong), Sam Mena, D-Mac for their indispensable input in various part of the movie. Special thanks to Steven S. Lim (Lifepoint1) for devoting tons of time and effort on writing the beautiful music pieces for the movie. The masterly performance on music creation and direction has added an invaluable layer to this flash.

It's been my great honour to have you, Hye Young, in the movie. Thanks for every help and advise that you've given, out of your very very busy schedule. Every part of the movie reminds me of you a lot. Million thanks!

From the bottom of my heart, the biggest thanks go to Sha, an amazingly weird friend from Ji Jing Workzone, who I learned Flash from, did a great job directing each of my movies, took care of every mess I created, be there 24/7, bore with my laziness and showed me her patience when I lost mine. You are wonderful. Lucky lucky me. Cheers to the rest of the crazy human of Ji Jing, plus Tim, Hui Ge, Diana from HW Alliance Church. Thanks for the joy and laughter that you shared. You all are my absolute treasure. :D

I wish to send my deepest gratitude to my dear parents, who saw my back silhouetted by the computer monitor more than my face during the production of this movie, kept all worries deep inside so that I could focus on this work. Thanks for supporting me in every possible way. Love you both dearly, no matter where you are.

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i find your work amazing its touching and sad at the same time a true story in fact a work of art

Great stuff

I had no idea that lifepoint1 was making this into a contest with entries! Truth be told, I'm not the biggest fan of his work, as it came off as too dark for me. Yeah, yeah, I know there's ton of probably darker stuff on this website, but this just sort of turned me off. Anyway, I have to admit that you at least did a good job. The animation was well done and so was the voicework. The story was interesting, and I liked how you really managed to put a good story together that really made some sympathetic characters.

Even Better!!! Great job!!

Creative how you killed the, Now I'm just assuming this, Main Characters. Now I'm officially lost in the story. Pure excellence. All stars deserved. Great cast too.


Since the first Kazahana game I played ( NO EXIT ) I've become addicted, and I think by far this is my favorite, thus far. The animation was amazing, and the art was beautiful. I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of your work! Keep it up!

Love your art and movies pimpishly.

Great movie. I like your movies, just like you like consequence 2-1. I am sure you are going to like Consequence 2-2 which is coming soon. We can not wait really. I know. We have NO EXIT.

By the way, verygreat wonderful impressive movies by Dear Meifen. I love your art. Pimpish.

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
5:52 PM EST