Paths 2

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---If you don't want to click the reset button, click the ball instead---

Paths 2. It's fun, it's challenging. I hope you can beat it.

--level 20 fixed--

Programming: Tyler of GlaielGames.
Art: Kenney of ArmorStudios.
Sponsorship: Dan of ArmorGames.

Classic levels are unlockable by beating normal levels. The game saves if you have them unlocked, so feel free to come back to the classic levels at a later date.



This game was really addictive and I had a lot of fun with it. I got frustrated at one point and closed the window, only getting real pissed because if I wanted to play again, I would have had to start over.

-Having a save button
-Having a warning when clicking the menu box so you don't have to start over when you accidently click it.
-Being able to skip levels. Some people like me get tried of a level they are stuck on and get depressed because they want to see the other amazing levels but can't. I think all puzzle games should have this so the maker would know that people had more sasifation playing this game.

"Tricks I found"
-You can make the ball stopped in one place but tracing over a line many times. An easier way of thinking about it is making a dot.
-You can make straight lines but right clicking and then dragging the mouse somewhere else. It's hard because you can't see the mouse pointer, but someone said they wanted a way to make a straight line.

This was a lot better than the first one. Thumbs up!

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Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the first trick is actually a strategy that you'll need to use in later levels

Very Fun and inovative.

One of my favorite mouse games ever. 5/5
Very good. =p

nice work

nice work but one thing..... SO FUCKING HARD MAN! i got to the 3rd level i think it was and i couldnt do it! omg that was good tho i put 10 4 humor cause when my friend wouldn't get past level 2 i almost died laughing

Well, obviously.....

Obviously Bippwatt and desert116 are complete retards,
don't be angry that the big man makes better flash than you, don't cry, It's okay that you shit your pants, again.

But seriously good game, i gave it a 0 for sound because i had my speakers turned down, but i don't know why and i gave it a 10 for violence because of the stars that explode when the ball dies.

and a 10 for humour because I laugh at the fact that those guys who are insulting this flash are probably little fat 12 year-olds that can't even make flash let alone spell properly.

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good game

this is a fun game, its a bit on the hard side but i like a good challenge when im bored.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2007
5:19 PM EST
Puzzles - Other