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Red and Yuffie the movie

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Author Comments

Yay, frontpage again, thanky :)

Frequently complained question: Cloud, Vincent and Seph aren't gay!

Well I'm more referring to what their (mostly female) fandom thinks about them then what happened in the game. Besides, have you LOOKED at Sephrioth's clothing?

Complaint 2: Vincent has guns, not swords!

Well, sorry, i never really noticed. The Uwe Boll powers I have give me the strenght to piss of fans by changing details without even knowing! Bwha ha ha ha!

Whee, I'm going to get killed by all Cloud/ Sepriothfans, hooray.
I noticed Caith saith had a big part in Vincent's game so the ending isn't really accurate..drat.. ah well.

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That Cloud was way more energetic than portrayed in recent iterations.

Even when they get their own movie, they don't get to star in it. :(


We need a third character, something new, something fresh

What about another long haired emo gay guy?




lol XD

Stupid sword

ohh my grip


stupid sword