all ng fags die!!!11

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due to popular demand. I've brought back all ng fags die.

anyways, this will count as my first movie of the 2007 dispite the fact i put this together in 3 days more than a few months ago in 2006.

the basic concept of of this movie is a flash tag spoofing logo presents smash hit series all ng fads must die.

what we did was we all took 3 mins each to make a scene for this collab.

I'm not gonna take part in anymore star syndicate movies except for the up and comming jetto ninjin 2 collab but that will be the last movie i help the star syndicate with.

The star's are still my very good friends. it's just that i'm gonna be doing my own thing from now on.

I hope you enjoy all ng fags must die and look forward to an all ng fags must die 2 some time this year if i ever get off my lazy ass and actually get it all put together.

as soon as i'm done all the flashes i got planned right now.

I'll be sure to make a flash that surprize you all sometime this year.

have a safe and happy 2007 newgrounds.


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All Nooby NG Fags Must Die

This is a joke, its making fun of FAG ng users, not saying all ng users are gay, just the Fag ones!

I laughed, I cried

I nearly shat myself with that bit about wonchop

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Wonchop more like wantcock lol


sorry guys but you fucked whit Fomay one time too much.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Whats foamy gonna do about it? Bitch about it in another foamy's rant?

Holy... fucking... shit...

That might be the most scathing movie I've seen on NG next to Flash Comedy Extravaganza!

First of all, I HATE THAT FUCKING all ng fads must die BULLSHIT! I hate that shit so much, I can't put it into words. Their gay-ass "disclaimer" nonsense and "selective judgment".

You guys really made my day when I watched this. Just about everything had me laughing my ass off. Knox goes in the sun was particularly awesome; the anime bashing was, as always, very very necessary, seeing as how NG is populated with Naruto jizz-guzzling emo jap-heads. And of course, it's always a welcome relief to see people that think like-minded.

That simple target thing really scores a good point, and all NG needs now is more Star Syndicate and we'll be making progress and de-fagging this place.

In closing, ahem!

FUCK knobody, illwillpress, Legendary Fag, pico, anime, naruto, fanboys, and finally, EVERY SINGLE FUCK THAT MADE ALL NG FADS MUST DIE!

Good night...

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Thanks TetrisClock and i also replied to another review you gave me a while back.


simple but funny