A Newgrounds X-mas Story

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Thank you all who watched my animation it finally earned a spot in the 2006 Christmas collection and also thank all NG staff members thanks =D

Well here it is guys a flash I have been working since December 25, 2006 I of course I did not work on it every day I took some breaks... I am not shooting for the NG rewards however I am hoping it earns a spot in the 2006 Christmas Collection =D I would be more than happy.
Special Thanks to Jimtopia =D

Special Thanks to All the Newgrounds tutorials =D And
everyone that watches it =D



k this was pretty good
but in ur next flash plz speed up the frames =O
i use 17 fps not much but is good
like too see more
with a li'l work this could be frontpage material =D

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Dash-02 responds:

Thanks A lot for your support I dont know about front page material but I bet you I would be more than happy if it had a place in the 2006 Christmas collection =D

Great 1st Movie

I really liked it, music was great and it was a pretty cool movie. I like the way it had a story and progressed nicely, it also had good length. I submitted to the X-Mas '06 collection too :)

Dash-02 responds:

Why Thanks I admire your flash skills Too so far one of the best reviews =D I feel so special so Yeah I hope it gets to be in the 06 Christmas collection but I doubt it! Thanks to your tutorial it helped a lot! Keep those flashes coming!

Well well well...

Very nice flash! I enjoyed it. Thx for mentioning me in the credits. Okay, review.


-It was long enough to be not to long, but short enough not to drag on. That's a good sense to have.

-It featured my character, lol.


-If he got 0.00 how did he make it through? Or was that santa's present?

-Some of the drawings didn't fit well together, but I shouldn't be talking I do that too! lol




I can tell effort was put into this, and I enjoyed watching it.

Good Luck with Future Submissions, Jimtopia

Dash-02 responds:

Why Thanks Jimtopia I have a lot of respect for your flash animations too!
Nice job on your latest submission and be sure too check out on my flashes that I am working on =D Thanks a lot for your support! Really Thank You!

Pretty Good

Well the cool thing about this is that i am Jimtopia's younger brother and i can't believe a person acctually made a fan movie, very pretty coll

Nice work!

The music was the, my fav is the song from the credits. ^^

It's a nice idea, but you have to improve. You have to play it at a higher fps level. I think 30fps are enough. Because it was too slow. Artwork is very nice.

It's a good work. Thx 4 using my shit sidechain loop! =D

Dash-02 responds:

Thanks a l lot dude The soundtrack went pretty good with the credits thanks for your kick ass Music =D and support =D

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2.74 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2006
11:52 PM EST