A Newgrounds X-mas Story

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Thank you all who watched my animation it finally earned a spot in the 2006 Christmas collection and also thank all NG staff members thanks =D

Well here it is guys a flash I have been working since December 25, 2006 I of course I did not work on it every day I took some breaks... I am not shooting for the NG rewards however I am hoping it earns a spot in the 2006 Christmas Collection =D I would be more than happy.
Special Thanks to Jimtopia =D

Special Thanks to All the Newgrounds tutorials =D And
everyone that watches it =D



k this was pretty good
but in ur next flash plz speed up the frames =O
i use 17 fps not much but is good
like too see more
with a li'l work this could be frontpage material =D

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Dash-02 responds:

Thanks A lot for your support I dont know about front page material but I bet you I would be more than happy if it had a place in the 2006 Christmas collection =D

Nice work!

The music was the, my fav is the song from the credits. ^^

It's a nice idea, but you have to improve. You have to play it at a higher fps level. I think 30fps are enough. Because it was too slow. Artwork is very nice.

It's a good work. Thx 4 using my shit sidechain loop! =D

Dash-02 responds:

Thanks a l lot dude The soundtrack went pretty good with the credits thanks for your kick ass Music =D and support =D


The graphics were pretty good but they can be impoved a bit. The style is good since it is weird (in a good way) The sound was cool but you couldv'e added more sound effects. There wasn't much violence and not so much humor.

Overall, to improve, just add a storyline, make the graphics a wee better. Also, when text are popping up, it seemed to fade too quickly. Let people click a button when they're done instead of rushing. Also, add some more humnor and violence

Review Request Club

Dash-02 responds:

Thanks I would use all your suggestions on my next flash =D


It could of been a lot better. It's eather your new to flash or you rushed this. First maybe you could of gave the swf file a little more life. Like make it bounce when it walks. Nex give more a plot. The story line didn't really makes sesne, he just got randomly sucked into the screen. Maybe if you made some one say somthing like "Well time to finnaly sumbite this to newgrounds" The he gets sucked into the computer. Also the graphics could be a little better. I suggest eather takeing more time on this or going to the flash tutoriales on the collection page. Also your my first review for the review request club =D

Dash-02 responds:

yes indeed I agree with you on making the main character move with more style the problem is that I had limited time and I did try to move him a little but I did not like how it was coming so I decided to just leave it how it was.
And Yes I also agree on a story line for I have told yu that I had limited time.


^^Good Points^^
Not a bad movie at all. The idea is unique, not like most of the Christmas movies made recently. I liked the idea of the SWF being the main character and doing his thing. The music was good throughout too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Music quality was good, but I would suggest fading out one song and fading into the next, just to make things go a little bit smoother. Also, this movie lacking sound effects was very lame. You should have added some more to this in the sound effects. Also, try to work on your animations, they seemed to be very elementary.

Review Request Club.

Dash-02 responds:

I totally agree with you on fading out the music the problem is that I dont know how to so I just stop it but it would be better like you said.

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2.74 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2006
11:52 PM EST