ZIM's insane-type X-mas

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Merry Platapus

Anyways, happy holidays, one and all.

It was a bit rushed, and my friend put in the funny text at the end.

PaulYates, feel free to review, I'll respond.


this is good

this is a very good flash.the only thing i recoment is that you work on the gaz voice. or better yet you can get some help.
also, let gir talk. he was silent the whole time

keep up the good work

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks, but it was your job to do the Gaz voice :P

Not Bad.

That was Actually Not Bad! Artwork, PERFECT! Sound,Not so much, I Cant remember the names, But the goth Girl voice sounded too soft.BAckround Audio would have improved almost EVERY review! Music would add to the score,Zims voice is a little scratchy, Try and Fix that on the next ZIM flash. Maybe People in the backround would have been nice.

No floating Charecters,better walk soounds.
Well That should sum things up.

VOTE 4!!!!!

IZSBHR responds:

K, thanks :)

I'm getting better at the ZIM voice.

I need some music fitting for bg audio, bg people would've taken awhile. But I could pull it off :)

Keep markin, I'll keep postin...

Fine, here's the standard review....

Graphics: Terrible. Worst cut and paste job I've ever seen. Photoshop FTW.
Style: Yet another sprite movie. Um, yeah....
Sound: Voiceovers suck. Especially when it's done by a 12 yr old going through puberty.
Violence: Didn't get far enough into it to even see.
Interactivity: N/A
Humor: Again, didn't make it past the first 30 sec. Not funny in the least.

Hated it. Way to take a perfectly awesome series as Invader Zim and turn it into something awful. The animation sux, the sound sux, let's just leave it as the entire thing is a waste of time.

Hope you get sued by Jhonen Vasquez.

P.S. Take yer review like a man or whatever......

IZSBHR responds:

It's not a sprite movie. And I drew the characters.

You also didn't get the punchline. The punchline was funny ):

"Hope you get sued by Jhonen Vasquez"

OK, but the IZFAS isn't I'm not. You can only sue if the person is making money on it. Jhonen also LIKES fan-created things, because he likes imagination.

You probably don't believe I was using audacity, so if you want to hear my actual voice, I believe I have a clip...

insane is right

dude i am sorry to say dude that thing sucked. I don't know how Tom recommend this stuff. with everybody floating around and bad voice acting. You don't watch the cartoon don't you.

anyway Merry Christmas

IZSBHR responds:

Merry X-mas!

But you are incorrect.

ZIM is my favorite show.

I have all the DVDs, figures, turnsheets, etc.

And I hand drew the character models.

You can't give everything zeroes...


that was an alright invader ZIM parody. a little random and short, but it was still alright to check out.

IZSBHR responds:


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2.66 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2006
9:19 PM EST
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