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Love Lies Bleeding(jon)

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Author Comments

My first ever flash animation
hense the extremely bad quality, but i liked the storyline
and the narrative so meh. This was my gateway to flash, and have since improved greatly, and hope to have my proper flash cartoons on here soon


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Worth watching, at least.

A reasonable movie - some of the graphics are quite ugly, whereas others are fairly attractive, and a few have a definite style and personality to them. The music was well-chosen and effective, and the sound effects although jarring fit well with the visuals.

The most successful aspect of this flash is the narrative. Although the story and its eventual resolution are not exactly original, they are told well, at a fairly good pace (could be slightly faster in parts), and manage to provide some emotional impact.

I believe that the use of written text to convey meaning, rather than a spoken soundtrack, is exactly right for this type of movie - it enhances the suspense while preventing us from identifying too much with any one character (it encourages sympathy, not empathy). The stylised 'scribbled' fonts blend well with the overall feel of grime and twisted reason.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work. I hope you can take some positive tips from the feedback, and I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future.


Well..it was OKAY, it wasn't really good. It needed a better plot, the story was a...cliche, I suppose. What could of improved it was actual voices instead of writing. Would of made a huge difference. Well anyway, you're going the right way. Hopefully your next flash (if you are making another one) will be better, looking forward to it.


Great work, man. I really liked it, and if you cme up with the story yourself, it was very well written, and if not...still, it was very well written. Again, great work.

A Very Interesting First Attempt.

Don't you love how people down your submission because they believe it is "emo". Sure, the topic has be dealt with in many Hollywood productions, songs and in general day to day goings on. But, you did it with style.

Despite what others said, I think the scratcy lettering added an extra touch to the overall atmosphere given off by the movie. Although the scene in the field was a bit too bright compared to the rest of the film, there seemed to be a very good flow.

Audio was interesting, the choices seemed to worked, but I think going through the portal a bit more would have led to some more dramatic or relavent tunes.

In regards to criticism, I'd work on shading, even an oddly drawn stick-man can look damn good with the right type of shading. Not to mention, backgrounds and obects in general.

For a first attempt, I think this was very good. It looks to me that you took your time, unlike many a new flash animator. And I praise you for that. Keep up the good work and work on shapening those skills.

I look forward to watching more of your work.


Graphics: The quality was at least acceptable but unimpressive and at best childish. I think much more time could have been taken with the animation.
Style: This was probably the most pathetically emo thing I have ever seen, and that really makes me feel sorry for you.
Sound: Instead of putting in voices, you scrawled words on the screen that were difficult to read and often went by too fast while I was trying to decypher your unintelligable penmanship. Subtitles would have been fine but voices would have been great. The music was also just about as emo as it gets. I was honestly impressed that there was noise for the gunshot.
Violence: I don't think that a badly-animated cell of a semi-stick man shooting himself in the head so his eyes can become x's is really violence.
Interactivity: There wasn't any.
Humor: It wasn't funny.
Overall: Try again. I'm sure that if you worked at it and tried for something a little less emo and a little more structured, you would have a great story. It was interesting, but it needs a LOT of work.

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Dec 11, 2006
9:05 PM EST