Bin Laden Captured!

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Get Even with Bin! Interactive Flash Animation created by Dave Ellison of AmeriToons.com


As an American, I am disgusted that I must be associated with this, based on the location of my birth. You give Americans a bad name. Do us all a favor and take this down. It serves no purpose.

Know what us Americans should do?

We should send a team of Magnum weilding Mercenaries and blow the shit out of that ass-hole. We shouldn't just brutally kill him, but we should do that to anyone who supports him, 'cause that makes them a total asshole. He also digraces his religion. America has completely changed thanks to that asshole. Now anyone who follows his religion is being looked down upon because of this fucker. God, help these people.

Dave, thanks for making a hilarious game; Don't take shit form that guy who is racist and is in gay love with Osama.

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you know, i like bin laden alot more than i like most bullshit americans. atleast bin laden stands for something, and doesnt run his mouth and make shitty flash games about his oponent, like some hillbilly ass hick. go fuck yourself, shitbitch


To basic

With all of the bin laden jokes around it had to be really good to stand out but it wasnt very good as there wasnt enough to do to him. The graphics were good but it needs more variety to be good

pthis game has issues

first of all the osama jokes are old and not funny so dont make anymore fuckin osama movies or games. the sound was good and graphics but thats about it.

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2.90 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2001
2:45 PM EDT
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