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Skirmish - Game

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Author Comments

Bounce around killing off the enemy.
Instructions are in the game, but for those who wish not to click on a button:
WASD/Arrow keys to move.
Mouse to aim, left click to fire.
1,2,3,4,5,6 or mouse scroll to change weapons.
0 to commit suicide.
P to pause, Q to change quality, M to mute, N to toggle in-game music on/off

Read on for updates.
And for some reason, flash over the internet is laggier in comparison to local trials... so I suggest you use low quality when in-game.
This is my first submission in, quite possibly 2 years.
Not only that, I haven't visited Newgrounds in the same period of time, so I'm quite sure something similar has been produced, and I'm sure the quality of flash input to this site is much better, so this may not seem so great, but regardless, enjoy!

Edited: Progress details are now shown when paused. And a few bugs fixed. Bazooka damage increased. Disabled the right-click menu.

And after a night's work, the weapons pack is complete. Three new weapons, but you have to obtain a rank higher or equal to soldier first.
I assure you, they're worth it. Have fun.
(They're new, so please inform me of any bugs with these).

Thanks to everyone who voted, and for the front page appearance.

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Its alright.

I felt really weak though, usually when it you versus unlimited enemies you are quite strong, was just a little frustrating. Also needs more more variety of weapons.

omg awsome!

The only thing i didnt get is the ranks, dont get me rong but i play so much war game i know most of the army ranks by heart. Like holly crap i wnt from major to sergent thats a de-motion not pre-motion


But try adding more weapons, more types of enemies, more landscapes, etc.

Skirmish after Skirmish

Damn, i love this game. The sword can deflect bullets, the SMG can blanket a group with death, and a fully charged Bazooka does Massive damage! I am a bit unsure the advantages of the Taser, but i really enjoy the Laser Sniper. And the shotgun is fun for widespread damage. Every now and then the weapon scrolling with the mouse wheel messes up and it jumps 2 weapons, and you should have the required rank for the powerups under it, so you know which you need for unlocking. I hope you have plans somewhere for a Skirmish 2. Keep up the Awesome stuff!

Sorry, just not feeling it.

Controls were a bit... weird. There's no point in using any weapon other than the sword because the SMG takes about sixty shots apparently to kill anyone, and I have yet to actually hurt anyone with the bazooka, which projects a large soft foam safety rocket about two inches where it explodes into a harmless cloud of giggles and cream, doing absolutely no injury whatsoever to anything ever. Meanwhile the enemies are cracking off shot after shot from their shotguns and pistols while leaping around like they rocket boosters stuck up their tailpipes. Whee.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2006
8:09 AM EST