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Unforgotten Realms: Epi6

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Six==

Watch the other episodes first! After five episodes it's starting to get hard to not relate to previous episodes, so by watching this one you are gonna miss out but hey who are you to listen to some smuck on the internet, screw this guy.

This episode was the worst one to make, it took me god knows how long and I kept hitting the 16,00 frame cap and had to redo a lot of scenes more then once. If you don't like it please leave a review giving me a score from 0 to 3 so I can print it off, post it on my wall and cry myself to sleep.

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Was a pretty funny classic back in the day. Good to revisit some old memories.

Rob looks better shaved. He shouldn't be raged by that. Wow, barbarians really are illerate? Is that just in Dungeons and Dragons or in general? The constant jokes make this great. I'd think people would be more scared of bears. They probably kill more people.

I like how they're titled "Epi"s. It makes it easier to find on this website. I like how the changes are kept. You know, with the lack of clothes and all. Oh yeah, I forgot the monocles running gag. It holds up.


Really funny and has 44 episodes ....

Heres link for his website and rest of the vids
http://urealms.com/urealms/episodeson e.html

Not the ale!

I dig Sir Shmoopy's white with red hearts underwear,
and he can pull off a sweet afro.


Your horrible for singing. And I'm dumb enough to sit through it. But right on.