bloody fight

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I created this movie, after i learned, how to use flash. And i was nine years old! Vote 4-5, please :)
Part two of bloody fight is here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/351580


not bad one

this was an alright animation. i think it could've been without stick-like characters, but the audio was ncie and the fighting in this one was pretty good... quite entertaining as well.

now, im going to check out part 2.

PVblaa responds:

thanks, but why did you voted only 5/10 ?

Take the red pill...

awsome job man you got me laughing and in an action state,

i loved the red and blue fighters and the use of total arena, the powers were pretty nifty, and the soud and music was my favorite...

although all i see you really need is some more sound effects and if you can a longer movie,
i hope this becomes a hit!

remember these are just suggestions not orders!

PVblaa responds:

Thanks for this great review!!! Some people doesn't likes movies, like that, they say that its crappy and when i submitted it to www.anitude.com it said: "the grapchics was crappy and the music was terrible" !


it was good because you don't see that stick animation style too much.....but it needed to be a little bit longer and you needed some sound....other than that i was impressed

Not perfect...

Not perfect but cool annyway!
Add sounds...
Smooth the annimation...
Make it longer...
But I liked your stickmanstyle! :D


Got to improve

If your really 9 years old you can upgrade your overall score to 6 but you need to improve your skill of animation.

The graphic was not fluid and the character walk like a cowboy who reach his shoulder at each pace.

The style was a little a Déjà vu animation and that's why I give you a 4

I love the sound of the sountrack of The Matrix so I give you a 8

Violence was a bit blood power the revenge, but this worth the 6 of this category (in other tough, I will sleep without nightmare tonigh lol)

Interactivity 1 for clicking on start button... pointless but interactif

Humor... why could I possibly but a score in something that doesn't include humor...

Improve you have a life in front a you

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2.12 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2006
3:01 AM EST
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