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Von Brunk vs. Sephiroth

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Due to popular demand, I wrote a sequel to this cartoon, in which Sephiroth comes back for a re-match! Look for my rip-roaring action-packed sequel, Revenge of the Seph!

We now return to your regularly scheduled animation...

Hey kids! Get ready for another Baron von Brunk toon (featuring the same guy from our my beloved SAW parody)!

In the city of Lancaster, PA, there's a new menace on the streets... Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth! His reign of terror won't stop until our gallant hero steps forward to put an end to such madness!

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Hah. Good job :).

I just realized this came out a day after my birthday LOL

To this day when I think Sepiroth, I think of this. XD

Good job defeating an old washed up version of Sephiroth who is way past his prime. Prime Sephy would've destroyed you in a millisecond without even lifting his pinky. So.....yeah.... Von Brunk: you suck..... I hate you.... etcetera, etcetera and so forth and whatnot.... (Seriously though, your video is as hilarious today as it was back in 06. A newgrounds classic: 5/5)




kick in nuts with hammer hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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4.13 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2006
2:54 PM EST