Russian Mafia on Mars

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My new movie is called «Russian Mafia on Mars», it’s a video for the Russian band The Produkt$. When was the last time you saw the Weather Man? Noticed anything funny? Watch closely...


Wow, that music can stick to your brain! =P

I've seen this video several times. I saw it first on the front page, while I was really gonna do a big hand in report. Now I come back every now and then, the style, setting and music is really cool and some thing I really can come back to time after time. :)

Simply flawless!

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For you fans...if you go to his site, there is one called "Voyeur School" ..34 mB way to big for newgrounds

He's back

Mister Metaphor stroke again. Everyone who watched more Kol-Belov movies than this one will have noticed, that its not just random screwed up stuff sewed together. Every movie ist indeed well planned and hides a story, a picture and things like this behind cryptic motion pictures. The biggest pleasure in watching these is, one by one, decrypting the video, searching for the hidden "message". The results may vary pretty much. but after all art is not what it wants to tell you, but what you read out of it.

What the hell

That was kind of wrong in a lot of ways lol. Loved the art style and music though. Animation was good too. Hell, it was jsut a good, creative peive of work. I like those. Well done.

Yeah, YEY for the Weatherman!

Yeah, I loved it, although it was kinda weird the way everyone was jerking off... But the music was good, and the graphics were excellent!

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4.26 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2006
4:04 AM EST
Music Video