The doomed Shadow show dx

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Updated: Fixed some mistakes about the biggest complains and improved the subtitles.
I know i uploaded this before, but it got all screwed up because of maintenace problems. ^^; Many thanks for mister Fulp for helping us out.

Shadow was a cool interesting character, with a deep storyline that moved the game forward..
in sonic adventure 2

And in every single game after that, he was a annoying stupid overdramatic idiot.
so it's our duty to make fun of him, in the crown of Shadow's carreer: His own game, so filled with plotholes it makes even Star fox adventures seem logical.

Making and uploading this movie is making myself into a emo slowly, so hope it was worth it.

By evil Doc, the colobration between me and AA


Possibly my most favourite Shadow the Hedgehog animated series ever!

You make great cartoons! I just love the animation. Shadow looks especially wonderfully animated. The humans seemed a lot cheaper though. Black Doom sound just like Doctor Claw! I wouldn't be surprised if that was Frank Welker doing the voice.

He's worked on parodies before. Rouge is still sexy. That was a great Chris joke. Shadow's hair kind of look like tentacles themselves. At least "Sonic Generations" was good.

My rating:
Shadow sez(+1000000000000000000000)

the doomed shadow show was comedy for my eyes and ears

Knuckles: Oh, look. There is a tornado destroying everything in it's path! *runs towards it* Wheeee!!! *gets sucked up* XD that's hilarious!!! and "where's cheese?" OH I DUNNO! "maybe he's under this random rock" SURE ENOUGH, BOOM! XD in the actual shadow game, his voice is weird, in generations, it makes me laugh so hard.. GREAT JOB!

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Nov 22, 2006
2:48 PM EST