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The doomed Shadow show dx

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Updated: Fixed some mistakes about the biggest complains and improved the subtitles.
I know i uploaded this before, but it got all screwed up because of maintenace problems. ^^; Many thanks for mister Fulp for helping us out.

Shadow was a cool interesting character, with a deep storyline that moved the game forward..
in sonic adventure 2

And in every single game after that, he was a annoying stupid overdramatic idiot.
so it's our duty to make fun of him, in the crown of Shadow's carreer: His own game, so filled with plotholes it makes even Star fox adventures seem logical.

Making and uploading this movie is making myself into a emo slowly, so hope it was worth it.

By evil Doc, the colobration between me and AA

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Oh the nostalgia!

Good. But I liked STH game even if it was a bit wonky in parts! Good drawings with Shadow though.

Possibly my most favourite Shadow the Hedgehog animated series ever!

You make great cartoons! I just love the animation. Shadow looks especially wonderfully animated. The humans seemed a lot cheaper though. Black Doom sound just like Doctor Claw! I wouldn't be surprised if that was Frank Welker doing the voice.

He's worked on parodies before. Rouge is still sexy. That was a great Chris joke. Shadow's hair kind of look like tentacles themselves. At least "Sonic Generations" was good.

My rating:
Shadow sez(+1000000000000000000000)