Cemetary 2

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Sup nick. :O

Here are the cheats if you want them.
graverobber = tons of money.
afraidofthedark = skip to the end of the day
Well, since my first cemetary game did so well, I decided to whip up something I actually put some work into. The fruit of my labor is a stamina-testing game with buyable and customizable weapons, dynamic day/night system, and graphics that far surpass that of my first game. Some changes from the old game to this one:

-You get more weapons than a crappy rifle.
-magazine reloading (unless you have the revolver)
-BIRD ZOMBIES! (stupid? sure, but fun. :D)
-automatic weapons and grenades! WOO!
-and more that i'm too tired to think of.

Hope it keeps you busy for awhile. ^__^

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Decent game. There are birds on the 1st night, mocking you. That's the reason why the game just ends here.


it looked cool but you press play and 5 sec later and ya fucking die for no reason

its not that bad but...

its just that i hate how i have to shoot all these flocks of birds then i have to go back and grab ammo while theres zombies below...i mean i can aim and fire fast and kill them its just its SO annoying how i have to move the mouse over to the ammo pile and i click the ammo pile and it dosent grab it because it cant keep up with how fast i clicked it so i have to click it like 3 or 4 times then move back on to the screen and i look and see about 40 birds in the sky and about 24 zombies on the ground on level 1...i need to put more effort then i usually would to make it past level 1


i killed 1 zombie then it says you are dead, and im mentally retarded?
wtf is this dude i cant even shoot stuff or its already game over.. fuck this,
and judged by most reviews this game has items placed at the worst places, not even worth trying to play this right

Gernaly not as bad as come people say

sure the first time around you don't see the birds and it's a struggle, i never made it past level one because i keep getting huge flocks of birds and moderate zombies (by huge i mean almost as soon as the first ground zombie appears there are about 20 birds on screen) but it takes skill, and you have to remember this is a old game, look at the logo at the beginning it one of the first Armor games ever used and it hasn't been used in years it would seem so this is defiantly not going to be up to par with games that we are used to now a days

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1.90 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2006
4:10 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed