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The Spirit of Halloween 1

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Marco, Petey, and Kimbles set out to find the Great Pumpkin, learn the real meaning of Trick-or-Treating, and discover the true spirit of Halloween.
Part 2 coming soon.

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I thought the Great Pumpkin was something created by the "Peanuts" comic. Well, I guess there's nothing to stop you from using him or it or whatever. The animation is great in this. It reminds me of the stuff by Hotdiggedydemon. That seems to itself be inspired by "Invader Zim". In fact, these characters look straight out of that show!

The voices are quite nice. You really have a nice big story with this. John Kerry does have a long face. It was really cool to see that flashback. Yes, I tried to say that guy's name three times fast.

whe i saw this is 2011 i forgot where to find you guys but now part 3 is out you gave back all my memorze thanks and i love the spirit of halloween eps

this never gets old, still loving it after years

Kimbles is so freaking adorable!
The whole flash itself is actually really funny, awesome job!


Yep that's right it had to be said "Awesomesauce!" LOL
Kimbles: Me!
Marco: Uhh... can Kimbles dance?
Petey: I have no idea.