Arrival In Hell

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*Update* Hi Folks. Thanks for the awesome support and feedback. This game has been so worth the effort. Just a little update to the game file. I fixed his bad case of arm-detached-ness. Updated some animations. Made it so you can actually play it twice without it breaking. And more importantly fixed the walking animation. So he looks less like he's shat himself. Thanks again! Thanks for all of your reviews. Oh, I'd just like to point out that I have never played the suffering :P Any complains I am sure I will find out :)
*Edit*#2 Front Page?! WOWOWOW! A real dream come true! On fire! With zombies and ninjas and all sorts of cool things! Thanks so so so much!

*Edit* Daily First?! Wow. It's a dream come true! I didn't expect this much! Thank you everyone who voted, and all who review!

Firstly, this game is quite high on the graphics side. So low quality is recommended. Sorry.
But on the bright side: I've been working on this for ages with the awesome cicla. It is a dark monkey island style puzzle game and I hope you all enjoy it's splendor.
The game is sponsored by rustygames.com - a walkthrough can be found at http://www.rustygames.com /article.php?id=26.
Enjoy folks!


Meh intro. Music is trying to hard to be creepy. SFX are good. The voice acting is good but hearing the same dialogue over and over and over gets old quick. Lip syncing was off by a mile. Chuppa was annoying. Getting the hand to analyze correctly took way too long for what it was. The whimpering guard looked like he was fapping. Slapping the security guard is the highlight of the game so far. The gore I see after entering the control room again was very well done I must say. The ending music is very good.


Should make a part 3, this game series was amazing. Good work.

1.grab soap
2.watch cutscene
3.grab knife
4.grab comb (extra)
5.use knife to cut extra orange jumpsuit
6.use orange fabric to grab burning flesh
7.use burning flesh to burn open locking mechanism (not jail bars)
8.talk to insane prisoner
9.watch cutscene
10.get deodorant (grab revolver for fun but do not use it for anything)
11.go to corridor
12.go cut off guard hand with a knife
13watch cutscene
14.use soap on guard's hand
15.go back to cells
16.go back into your cell
17.use soapy hand with toilet (not the sink)
18.watch cutscene
19.leave cell
20.go to corridor
21.go to hallway
22.use hand on scanner (if dirty or soapy hand cannot work)
23.enter control door
24.grab exit sign
25.talk to guard
26.slap guard and then talk to him
27.watch cutscene
28.hang exit sign on to of the red door on the hanging nail
29.go to corridor
30. go to more cells
31.go talk with insane prisoner(convince him that there is an exit)
32.watch cutscene
33.use hand on scanner
34.watch cutscene
35.enter control room (get ready for gruesome sight with the guard)
36.pick up matches
37.combine matches with deodorant and get a makeshift flamethrower
38.exit control room
39.use makeshift flamethrower on ugly motherf***** (don't really know about revolver but might lead to a bad ending)
40.watch ending cutscene

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hey guys at the time this was a really good game but this was indie so even having voice acting is cool also saying if you think the art is bad you try drawing its not easy also for the story line it really doesn't
need one so i give this game a 4 because this was amazing the first time i played it and it still is

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2006
6:52 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Frontpaged November 17, 2006
  • Daily Feature November 17, 2006
  • Weekly 5th Place November 22, 2006