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"Theres Something About Halo 2"

TSAH2 is finally here! (we're sorry about all the delays)
5 talented artists join forces to bring you this action packed Halo cartoon.
Lots of info inside the movie. Have a good look around the menus when its loaded.

Special Thanks to Tom Fulp for the support.

Visit www.SuperFlashBros.net for some extras!



Special Thanks to Melina for helping Headshot sketch Cortana!
Special Thanks to Dustin for helping Joey!

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Just as bad as the original.

Funny, How this was my first movie on newgrounds to ever watch. I accidentally watched it with my brother, and To be honest, I still think it's hilarious each time I watch it.

The weird thing is that I've never played Halo. Then again, I haven't played a lot of these mainstream games. It's hard to get used to a new franchise. I have just seen it referenced so many times I get a lot of these jokes LegendaryFrog's was probably the best. You started off with the best joke.

You know, pausing the cartoon for changing the language. I thought there was something wrong with the flash at first. I just love these bright colors. While comedic, this was still faithful to the source material. These were so long they could be flash submissions by themselves!


i can own halo amazingly im so epic at it

lol epic dudes
now im gonna type da credits song well wut i can hear of it
BLOW ME AWAY! ats it lol