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make a madness guy 0.2

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here is the best version
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/350180

09/07/07 edit for the new version: STOP ASKING TO REMOVING CLOCKS AND ADDING MC7 SPRITES. Anyway you will se a new scene creator at madness day ;)

09/27/07: Oh sorry!i forgot to say that
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/401481

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name:hank(the protagonist)
allies: diemos and sanford
enemies: nexus
favorite weapon: sword
skills: probably every fricking thing you can think of
backstory: hank was not a normal person(well, if i'm being honest... no one is a normal person in madness) he had his allies diemos and sanford but something didn't feel right. he walks outside to see zombies swarming nexus, exactly where hank needed to be.
"well, f#ck" says hank.
hank grabs his pistol and sword and hank, diemos, and sanford get in the car and start driving.
"so, who do you think let the infected out" says sanford
"oh who the hell knows" says diemos
they finally get there and hank does his thing, CHOP! BANG! CHOP!
"i really need to get used to just watching when we bring hank" says sanford
hank finally kills all the infected and nexus agents at the front door
"lets go..." says hank
"ok mr bossy pants" says sanford
"oh shut the f#ck up sanford" says diemos
they all get in to see chaos, agents everywhere shooting infected, mag agents stomping on the infected.
"well, what do we do everytime we see something like this?" asks diemos
"we beat there a$$es up" says hank as they run into the crowd with there weapons ready.

name hank[not the protagonist ] allies none backstrory he woke up in labretory and scientis tells him that theres a clone of him so he needs kill him

Name: Cole Embarks
Allies: Vincent,Benjamin,Payu,Long fei,Ito
Enemies: AAHW
Favorite Weapons: M16A2 and Megachette
Skills: BJJ, Krav Maga, Taekwondo
Backstory: It was midnight,cole was checking after the ANUB. After he was finished, he went home and took a nap. While sleeping,he heard loud gunshots from outside. When he saw out the window. He saw men wearing red glasses, suit and tie, and carrying weapons. So, cole hid under his window,shook his head,got dressed,and carried weapons with him. After being prepared,he head out to find those agents for killing innocent people.

Name:Cedric Collins
Friend: John Wick
Favorite Weapons: all guns
Skills:Martial Arts and Parkour
Backstory: when his parents had an car accident they called their butler to give their son cedric a dog so he dosen't need to feel alone anymore, then they died, then when cedric finally has a dog he named him Jackie, he was so happy with his dog and with his butler, but until the day came the AAHW starts to invade the city and kills everyone, but luckily cedric is the only one survived but his dog and his butler were so unlucky, and cedric feels so lonely and hate, then someone knock on the door and cedric opens it and then it was a hitman name John Wick, john feels the same pain as cedric has now and that's why he wants to help him by training him how to fight to kill his enemies, and then he was ready and he goes off to nevada who kills his butler and kills his DOG.