The Atonement - Prologue

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Since more than 5000 people saw this submission, the portal forbids me to do direct updates of the game, but you can always check out the newest version here > http://www. deviantart. com/ view/42289673/
I've balanced it a little, added the skipIntro button, and people...there IS a shotgun, just be more persistent.

As someone already said down there: "When the bats attack you, doubleJump is your friend ;)"

***A word from the author***
So much work and love has been invested into this game.
I slept only 5 hours a day for the past few weeks, worked over 10h a day on this game, and it's still only 5% done, but the Halloween deadline is here.
The past 20 days were all just sketching, coding, animating and experimenting...
I pushed aside school, business and friends. But I hope it'll be worth it.
Please, show some support for it, and I'll get the motivation to finish everything I planned to.

It has some glitches, but I'll fix them in the next couple of days.



WTF !@%^#$#@

the fucking game is shorter then the fucking intro

and evertime you die you have to hear it over and over again

and it was too hard I couldn't even hit the bats

fucking this game

your IQ is as high as this game overall sucker


out of about 8 plays i got to the policeman twice, to get the dual pistols. but the bats all just collect and swoop in one clump and take out 70% of my health in one go. there's not enough potions to make me last long enough, perhaps if you increased the drop rate it would increase the games appeal.

ArtBIT responds:

Lol, I get the shotgun without being touched even once, but I played it like 300 times so far...
I agree that it might be too hard, and I'm working on the balance right now...

This just screams A-list

Seriously, everything about this game says A-list, from the very stylish graphics to the dynamic music. I especially liked the way the the guns handled differently, and the shottie being aimed over the head, as opposed to the pistols, which were aimes underneath. Also, for the other reviewers who were complaining about the lack of a shotgun, you must not have made it far enough. It's the last of the four weapons I acquired (that includes the knives). I dunno, maybe it was updated between the time you played it and the time I did, but it was stashed a ways in.

As is this is already a fun game. My suggestions for future additions (which would just make an already awesome game even better) would be new enemies and new levels first and foremost, and maybe a few new weapons, too. Molotovs, a torch, or a flamethrower, anyway something fire-based is at the top of my wishlist as far as weapons go, but really with only two enemies that I encountered, it feels kind of like an Orisinal game, where it's based more on doing the same thing perfectly over and over than anything else.

I also appreciated the beginnings of a plot that were included. It seems like you have plans to take that even further, as well. I will definitely be watching this one. ^_^

ArtBIT responds:

Thank you, and yes, I plan to develop the story further, and implement more weapons, enemies, levels and even bosses.
I appreciate your comments and suggestions, and thank you for your support, cuz I need that right now.


This is hellacious.


this a great game i enjoy playing it the first part was the best BUT i didnt like the ZOMBIES....they kiss you!!!!but great game i hope you make more games in the future.... like this alot but the bad things are no shotgun no shotgun means nooo peace!jking but is real i mean nearly all the shooting games i play there is a shotgun well hope you have a great day and year! cya..p.s do you already made games that fun?

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ArtBIT responds:

People, there IS a shotgun, just be a little more persistent! =D
And no, this is my first (more or less complete) game ever.
Thank you.

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4.13 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
2:46 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun