Strawberry's Clock-O-Ween

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Happeh Halloween :)
Now go watch the movie >:(
and vote fairly >:(
and review fairly >:(



it was kinda boring while he was getting arested. loved it though, truely fantastic

Rofl ! THAT's a clock halloween movie !

...I never thought to see Turd clock again ! Strawberryclock and Turd clock are freaking hilarious together ! The story line was odd but I don't mind at all ! You've worked very hard in it and that's what I like in your movie ! Poor Turd Clok ! Why did Strawberryclock have to be such a coward ? And why Pube Muppet didn't say "What kind of piece of shit..." (you know the deal) ? Only kidding ! I liked this ! Even the end ( a bit senseless ) was funny ! But you should make a sequel, you know ! I would like to see Turd Clock playing that stupid game ! However, I have a question for you : what kind of sweets did that green clock give to those three other clocks ? Was there napalm ? Or something like that ? ( Okay ... I know I'm getting boring... ). Well, just as usual, here is a summary of what you can improve !

Positive points :
- SBC and Turd clock !
- Shadow the Hedgehog theme
- The game at the end !

Negative points :
- I would like to know the next

...Well ! That all for today, man ! But read carefully that review ! Because since I've written other crappy reviews, maybye I will be deleted soon ! So, remember what I've written !
...Have a good luck in the future, make a sequel of that swell flash and Happy Halloween for Newgrounds and for you !


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Better than I expected

That was fun to watch & also funny...
There is nothing that you could do better it's perfect

As My Name State's

I'm not usually a fan of clock flash's but since it's Halloween I can dig it, 3.


^^Good Points^^
This was a great movie! The storyline was really funny throughout. You said a lot of pretty random things in this and the length was great. You spent a lot of time on the graphics, lots of shading and good animation. I really liked the run away scene, and having Pube muppet in this was just awesome. Nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
After turd was sent to jail this got a little weird. Especially in between the saw scene, there was little sense in those parts.

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3.61 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
4:06 AM EST
Comedy - Parody